Its not long ago that HIV was declared as a Pandemic in 1984 after being discovered by a French Virologist Luc Montaigner in 1983. The gentleman who discovered HIV never claimed that it leads to AIDS however a counter claim was raised by an American Scientist named Robert Gallo also claimed to have discovered the HIV. However the meeting between the US President & his French counter part brought the matter to a settlement with Luc Montaigner being awarded Nobel Prize for discovering the HIV virus & Robert Gallo was awarded Nobel for discovering that HIV leads to AIDS. However, between the years 2000 – 2002, Mr Montaigner also clarified that the best medicine for treating HIV is body’s own immunity in front of about 60 Nobel Laureates. However this wasn’t taken in the spirit and was never propagated.

Bagdara Farms reaffirms its belief in its herb and that it does strengthen your Immunity which also helps you fight the HIV or the Covid 19 Virus. Our Turmeric based supplements provide all users the internal immunity that is required to counter any kind of viral infection, whether from Covid or from Human Immunodeficiency Virus. With the New HIV Variant being discovered in Vaccinated subjects in The Netherlands, the need to adopt a product from Bagdara Farms may become a wise choice for you.

Whether you are vaccinated, or not vaccinated, our product will help you build a stronger immunity response to any kind of viral attack. The New HIV Variant from Netherlands will soon be reaching different corners of the world. With testing being intensified, vaccine companies making vaccines for HIV instead of COVID, it is not going to be long before the new HIV Variant is also discovered in India and the rest of the world. Being tested positive for HIV may introduce you to an endless spiral of stress, anxiety and depression. All our products help you cope up with all these symptoms and also helps in curing the situation.

The symptoms of an HIV infected patient is almost similar to any other serious viral infected patient and hence its very tough to differentiate HIV from Covid or any other viral infection without effective testing. But once the testing begins, the number of HIV patients will only increase as more people get tested. This may begin a new way of worry and lockdowns.

Prepare yourself and your family members from the new HIV variant wave with our product TURMFLU

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