Karuna Panchtilak
Karuna Panchtilak
20. January, 2023.
Awesome Products... And perfect consultation given by the consultant....
aakash chandrakar
aakash chandrakar
9. January, 2023.
Good product.
Gaurav Sethi
Gaurav Sethi
7. January, 2023.
wonderful products.. continued guidance and customer support.. recommend to all... stay healthy
Arvind Rampuria
Arvind Rampuria
7. January, 2023.
Proper and kind response , taking much care about customers
Susheel Kumar
Susheel Kumar
3. January, 2023.
Good experience talking with Miss Riya Chaudhary

Fresh Turmeric

(Ultra Pure Turmeric Root)

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What is Fresh Turmeric

An overriding facet which every customer would like to adopt would be consumption of turmeric produced with minimum use of pesticides, fertilizers and other such chemicals which tend to reduce the potency of turmeric otherwise naturally available.

Bagdara farms in its huge inventory of turmeric related products makes readily available for the customers – Fresh Turmeric. Produced using best practices like organic farming and home growing; this product has a Highly Curcumin Enhanced. This God’s gift to mankind is being produced in Bagdara farms as naturally as humanly possible. Our experts use natural strains and ensure prevention of man v/s wild conflict to ensure conservation of wildlife and continuously maintain a balance in nature.

The high curcumin content has anti-cancerogenous, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antioxidant and anti- bacterial properties. We take great pride in making available this product in its most pure and unadulterated form. Stringent quality checks of the farms ensure that no illegal powders or dyes are introduced to achieve a natural gold – yellow color.

A pleasant spin off of regular use of this product is enhanced immunity which tantamount to a healthy and stress free life, hence placing in our hands each moment of life to be lived to its fullest and best.


  • Boosts Digestion
  • Provides relief from Indigestion, Heartburn & Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Relieves symptoms associated with both Rheumatoid arthritis & osteoarthritis
  • Good for your Skin
  • Antioxidants present in raw turmeric can help curb the free radical activity, which can boost skin health
  • Oldest and Traditional way to cure a variety of skin ailments
  • Excellent Pain Reliever
  • Acts as Blood Purifier by eliminating Toxins from Blood
  • Regulates Blood Clot Formation
  • Provides relief from Arthritis
  • Good for Brain
  • Natural anti-bacterial & antiseptic properties of turmeric make it an effective disinfectant
  • Instrumental in promoting good liver health by improving the circulation of blood
  • Interferes with the molecular pathways involved in the progression and growth of cancer
  • Destroys cancer cells and shrink tumours
  • Complements the effects of chemotherapy
  • Improves function of the tissues that line your blood vessels
  • Works as Depression medicine. Increase the production of serotonin and dopamine

A Word of caution: Whichever way you try, make sure to first begin with small quantity of Haldi, observe the effects on your body and then proceed further.

Additional information

Weight N/A

1 kg / 35.274 oz, 2 kg / 70.55 oz, 3 kg / 105.82 oz, 6 kg / 211.64 oz, 9 kg / 308.46 oz, 12 kg / 42328 oz

Key Feature

Purely organic


Anti- cancerogenous, anti-inflammatory, anti- oxidant


Bagdara Farms, Madhya Pradesh, India



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