Bagdara Farms Organic Journey – For Healthier Lives

From Inception To Full Bloom


The Tractor Roars to Give A Fruitful Score.


The Laborious Farmer, Admiring His Fields That Promises the Best Yield.


In & Around The Wilderness, The Purity Of The Soil Strengthens Organic Benefits.


It Sprouts, Looking To Engulf All With Its Manifolds Abilities.


Determined & Dedicated, To Be A Sign Of Good Hope.


“Blooming In All Its Glory, The Crop Is Swaying With Happy Smiles, To Treat All Worries People Are Flowing In.”


The Calm Serene Fields Make You Believe That There Is Something Magical & Pure In The Air And The Soil.


Still Strong In Our Roots, We Aim For Greater Horizon Of Perfection, Purity And Peaceful Tranquility.

Harvesting it Right With Their Tools Might


Proud Of His Produce, The Farmer Shows Off A Little


Guarding Their Produce – Basai We Call It


With His Weapon In Hand – He Moves To Harvest


His Hands Choose The Best Of His Produce


Just Checking It Out !!! He Knows They Have Done A Good Job


Holding Them With Utmost Care


Fresh Rhizomes Resting In the Sun

Curing & Grinding The Traditional Way


He Sits & Uses His Tool To Let Go Off The Extra Roots


Finally It’s Ready For The Process To Begin


Curing Begins With All The Caring


Farmer Hands Need To Feel & See It All


Resting & Drying Away Under The Sun’s Rays


Grinding Begins The ‘Sil Batta’ Way


‘Ghatti’ – Our Traditional Grinder To Make It Finer


The Golden Goodness Shining Bright



1. Strengthens Immunity For One & All


2. Organic Shield For Healthy Arteries


3. Tummy Health With Curcumin Wealth


4. Curcumin For Her Selfie Ready Skin


5. Organic Tonic For Revitalizing Lungs


6. Healthy Kids Are Happy Kids


7. Your Canines Health Needs Curcumin’s Strength


8. For Women’s Health – When They Need It The Most


Cancer No More With Curcumin


Detoxify Your Liver & Abstain From Alcohol


You Name It, We Have It – Because Your Health is Our Concern