Journey Of Bagdara Farms From A Beautiful Dream To A Magical Reality

Bagdara Farms has always been a beautiful dream & a passionate goal for better health & wellness. Here we have aimed to enlighten people about the marvelous and manifold medicinal and therapeutic properties of curcumin in turmeric and to make the best quality available to them for their usage. Turmeric, an age old spice has benefits that are far too many and gains that are countless for self healing & treating ailments naturally and this is grown at our farms using the most traditional techniques of farming & cultivation. Let us show you how the sweat, hardcore determination, hard work & dedicated efforts of our family of farmers has led to bring to your doorsteps what we call the magical golden spice.

Land Of History & Beautiful Wildlife

The beautiful and widespread land of Bandhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh is home to the fierce tiger and other wildlife, which attracts many tourists to come up close & see them living the free life they have in the jungles. With its history linked since the Ramayana times, Bandhavgarh is of great historical importance and its name comes from ‘Bandhav’ and ‘Garh’, which mean brother and fort respectively, meaning brother’s fort. An ancient fort is present here in the Vindhya ranges of Umaria, which is believed to be a gift from Lord Rama to his beloved younger brother Lakshmana. With its history so deep, this place surely gives a divine feel of great culture & heritage.

Wild is Beautiful When They Are Fierce & Free

The Bandhavgarh National Park is home to many wildlife, flora and fauna. It has more than 22 species of mammals and around 250 species of birds. Many tourists visit the national park from mid November to June to enjoy few days in the clean and serene environs of the wild. The strength and beauty of the wildlife is a gorgeous sight for the eyes and it also helps relax the mind from the mundane city lives. We are lucky at Bagdara Farms to have the Bandhavgarh National Park as our neighbors. The clean air, the fertile lands and the free spirited inhabitants here make for a heavenly abode to live and produce wonderful organic produce.

Bagdara Farms – Growing The Golden Herb

Step by step the tractor roars to make space for the crops to grow at Bagdara Farms. The farmer on the wheels ploughs the fields to help us get the year’s best yield. His precision and work of art makes way for the work to start by preparing the land to grow turmeric. It may seem like a dream too far but our farmer makes sure to spread the blanket of rhizomes on the fields, for them to flourish and succeed. It needs precision & knowledge to plant and grow turmeric the right way and our farmers know how to get that done every day.

Through Sweat & Hardwork They Come Along

Our ladies on the field work hand in hand with the men and are a source of strength for all to see them sweating it out under the scorching sun. They work tirelessly through the day to bring out the best produce for your use. Our team works day in and day out with the wild life keeping an eye on their movements because of the close proximity of the Bandhavgarh National Forest. We use natural manure and make sure no chemical is used from sowing to reaping the beautiful produce.

Rhizomes Look Up To Flourish & Bloom

We try to follow an all inclusive approach and use the traditional methods of farming, as that helps us keep in touch with our roots and gives the best produce without using any chemicals or artificial fertilizers. The rhizomes once planted are taken care of till they grow and each stage of their life journey is beautifully and carefully nurtured for by our farmers by being vigilant and agile.

Ray Of Hope Blossoms

It is beautiful to see when the rhizomes start to sprout and make the fields look stunning in different hues of green.  We try assimilating use of tractors & sprinklers for our cultivation of turmeric, as we believe that following the age old techniques of cultivation help us get the best possible produce with a high curcumin percentage. Watering is done to retain the moisture almost thrice during the cultivation time. Our soil is organically rich and our farmers make sure that the right amount of water is given, as excess can rot the crop and also all possible vigilance is kept both during the day and at night, to make sure the beautiful spice blossoms.

Green Hues Turn To Golden Yellow Delight

Harvesting time sure brings a lot of happiness as the fruits of labor are about to be born and a new series of events are lined up for them to be taken care of. The green hues turn to yellow almost after 8 months and the process of harvesting goes on full spring.

Fresh Roots Pave Way For Powdered Goodness

The freshly pulled out turmeric is rested and it shines brighter than the morning sun. With utmost care, the roots are cleaned by the hardworking hands of the farmers who have put their blood & sweat to see this beautiful produce. The farmers clean the roots, separate them and spread it all around for the sun to shine bright on them.

Curing & Cleaning The Turmeric For Healing

The boiling & curing of turmeric needs patience and perseverance and our farmers do that very efficiently, and make sure that no stone is left unturned for the final product to shine its way. Once boiled the turmeric is again kept to dry under the bright gleaming sun and the wait begins for it to pass over to its next & final step.

Grinding The Turmeric With Precision & Perfection

Grinding the ‘sil batta’ way on the ‘ghatti’ (our traditional toll to grind the powder) to sieving it nicely to make sure the particles are fine & bright and to neatly packing them in glass jars, all is done exclusively by our dedicated farmers under the supervision of our guiding lights who make sure no stone is left unturned to bring out the best possible curcumin supplements to the world. The in-house team at Bagdara Farms believes in purity & genuineness, and we make sure to give out the best.

Bagdara Products – Our Pride

Our Bagdara products are exclusive and the best because of the high curcumin percentage in our products. Our rich soil, cultivation technique and cultivation time makes way for the highly enriched, Non-GMO, organically cultivated Bagdara products. They help with prevention, care and treatment of many causes & symptoms of ailments in the most natural manner & without causing any side-effects. We believe in its magical goodness & greatness.