Gaurav Patil
Gaurav Patil
25. November, 2022.
Product was good. Will go for it again when required
23. November, 2022.
Nce product and effective
Vaibhav Agarwal
Vaibhav Agarwal
23. November, 2022.
I special thanks to Nidhi Mittal relationship consultant she explain me everything very well and help me to get my product on time and take time to time follow up, A great experience to talk her thank you🙏
Manpreet Sidhu
Manpreet Sidhu
22. November, 2022.
My experience with Bagdara farms was very fruitful. I used their natural products and definitely had positive results. Preeti Agarwal maam from Bagdara farms was very helpful & her assistance was great. I will strongly recommend organic & natural health boosting products from Bagdara farms...
vishal singh
vishal singh
21. November, 2022.
Best product
Dostmuhammad Pathan
Dostmuhammad Pathan
21. November, 2022.
Excellent Product
Ke Sh av
Ke Sh av
19. November, 2022.
Best products
Sunita Pal
Sunita Pal
19. November, 2022.
Genuine products. Nidhi Mittal has been very helpful and have handled all queries with care.
Willaim Andy
Willaim Andy
19. November, 2022.
My experience with Bagdara Farms is very good. Asthumin capsules were effective and Ms Nidhi Mittal was very particular ensuring timely replenishing the product as well as guiding regularly.

Sugeric Capsule

(For Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes)

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Sugeric Capsule

MRP $ 150.00 (incl. of all taxes)

Quantity: 40 Capsules

3 Year Subscription

Buy 36 Sugeric Capsule Bottles
Get 18 Complementary
Total Saving: $2,700.00

2 Year Subscription

Buy 24 Sugeric Capsule Bottles
Get 12 Complementary
Total Saving: $1,800.00

1 Year Subscription

Buy 12 Sugeric Capsule Bottles
Get 6 Complementary
Total Saving: $900.00

Order By Quantity

Minimum course is for 2 months and consists of 3 units of the product to be consumed over 60 days.
  • Claim Complete Course Expense Under Insurance Cover
  • Buy Now Pay Later Facility Available
  • Second Order Onwards Free Cash On Delivery
  • Fastest Delivery (Anywhere in The World)
  • Pay By Credit/ Debit Card/ Internet Banking/ Paytm
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What is Sugeric Capsule?

Sugeric Capsule is the brand name given to our supplement which focusses on Diabetes. Under the magical remedies act, it is not possible to claim multiple benefits under one name as that may mislead people to assume magical properties of the product. Since modern medicine has defined terminology for almost all possible health symptoms, we understand that people want solution to their precise problem and based on difference concentration, we align different names to products based on the symptom it works on.

Diabetes has various stages starting from prediabetes where the effects of diabetes on the body have just begun and have not caused any significant damage to the body parts. The main cause of higher blood sugar levels in the body is the environment and lifestyle more then the genes as the environment can dominate genes but not vice versa.

Our products are 100% pure, raw turmeric powder based. It is of medical value because curcumin and other secondary minerals present in turmeric is very high compared to what we buy of the shelf. Curcumin based supplements are being welcomed to manage Type 1, 2 or 3 Diabetes and also incase where somebody wants to use it as prevention. People can manage a metformin and insulin free life with Sugeric Capsule.

Each of our products come from different stretches of land and the potency of the herb largely depends on the quality of soil, water table, proximity from the forest and the quality of upkeep.

Some people misunderstand this product as ordinary Turmeric while it is not ordinary. It is organically cultivated in the middle of a national park which is also a Tiger reserve. The seed is non-gene modified and wild strand. This is exactly how herbs were found in the forest in easter years.

Turmeric has traditionally been used in every household in Asia but the authenticity of farming, soil and seed quality has all changed to an extent where it produces the lookalike but it stands nowhere close to original in value.

Choose Sugeric Capsule if you want value.

Sugeric Capsule is one of the most prodigious products, nurtured most naturally at Bagdara Farms, to ensure that you stay in the best of your health. Sugeric Capsule packed with curcumin in superabundance is your answer to the imbalance of sugar in your body, in the most unadulterated form. Diabetes is an ailment of the body in which the body’s ability to produce or respond to the anabolic hormone is impaired, resulting in abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates and elevated levels of glucose in the blood. Exceptionally rich in minerals and nutrients, Sugeric Capsule is the best gift from Mother Nature, to provide you with all the medicinal benefits for elevating your overall health organically and healthily combating diabetes. The best part about Sugeric Capsule is that it is absolutely chemical free and causes no side effects.

  • Sugeric Capsule demonstrates strong natural anti-inflammatory properties by inhibiting the production of inflammatory cytokines.
  • Sugeric Capsule is packed with anti-oxidant properties, which combats oxidative stress that plays a prime role in the pathogenesis of diabetes. Sugeric Capsule inhibits lipid per-oxidation and maximizes the level of anti-oxidant enzymes.
  • Sugeric Capsule works as an ultra-powerful anti-hyperglycemic agent; it is instrumental in lowering the elevated blood sugar levels. It plays a vital role in improving the activity of pancreas cell, minimizing the production of glucose by the liver.
  • Sugeric Capsule works wonderfully with its high curcumin content and has the potential to regenerate pancreas cells, and this can greatly benefit in case of type 1diabetes.
  • Sugeric Capsule with its main heroic compound called curcumin has several beneficial effects like glucose lowering effect, improved beta cell function, improved fatty acid oxidation and utilization.


  • Balances the blood sugar level
  • Natural Anti-Hyperglycemic
  • Anti-Hypoglycaemic
  • Anti-Diabetic
  • Cardio-Protective

Grown amidst the beautiful lands of Bagdara Farms, Sugeric Capsule is grown, processed and manufactured using the most traditional standards of organic farming, free of artificial fertilizers and pesticides.

Please Note – It is advisable to start the dosage for all age limits in small quantity and then gradually increase it. It is also important to be cautious, not to give this product to children below the age of 2 years.

Additional information


100% raw root powder Medicinal Grade Curcuma Longa also known as Turmeric.


40 Capsules

Key Feature

Purely organic


Bagdara Farms, Madhya Pradesh, India


Age: 18years & Above – 1 capsule twice a day

  • You have to consume 1 capsule each twice in a day i.e. morning and evening after meal for better results it should be taken with warm water or as directly by the health care professional.
  • You can either take it empty stomach or 1-2 hours after your meal.
  • 1 bottle has 40 capsules, which is a course for 20 days when taken twice in a day.

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