Humans and water share a mutual benefit relationship. YOU SAVE WATER AND WATER WILL SAVE YOU! Ever wondered what would happen after the last drop of water is gone? The thought itself scares you to death. Doesn’t it?

Now is the time we save every drop of water to save our coming generations from dying of thirst. At Bagdara Farms we believe in giving back to nature more than we take from her. Organic farming has multiple health benefits of which you must already be aware. But what you might not know yet is organic farming conserves water as well!

Here’s How Bagdara Farms Is Doing Its Bit Of Saving Water

By Cultivating Organic Products

  • Organic farming keeps harmful pesticides out of waterways thus retaining the moisture of the soil. This healthy soil, rich in nutrients serves as a water filled sponge for plants and crops.
  • The running polluted soil due to artificial pesticides causes’ water pollution. Organic farming saves that.
  • Organic farming involves methodologies to amend the soil by mulching which helps conserve water by minimizing irrigation.
  • 30 year farm systems trial at Rodale Institute found that organic field can recharge groundwater supplements up to 20 percent!

It is correctly said that we often forget that water cycle and life cycle are the ONE. Let us not wait till our wells have dried and the water bodies have sunken. A single drop of water you have here might save a far off person dying of thirst. Join hands with us at Bagdara Farms in our mission to save water and to save our planet.