With the wilds being hunted for our selfish motives, the man versus wild conflict seems to be ending nowhere. In the human invaded world, the wild life is striving for its mere existence, where the tribal’s living in such areas are no less than victims. Away from the lavish urban lives, these tribal’s are far off from the basic necessities of man getting fulfilled. Are we doing our bit of resolving the man vs. wild conflict? At Bagdara Farms, yes we are.

Bagdara Farms neighbors the Bandhavgarh National Forest, which houses endangered species like the Royal Bengal tiger, leopards and various species of deer. The tribal’s here have been practicing hunting for years now, to earn their bread, which had greatly affected the wildlife count in an adverse manner. Bagdara Farms benefits them all.

  • With structured means of livelihood provided to the tribal’s in the form of farming (at Bagdara Farms) makes them no more dependent on hunting. And yes, they have given up on it!
  • The tribal’s have been aided with many facilities to up their living standards and lifestyle.
  • The natural habitat of the wildlife is no more getting harmed.
  • With no more hunting taking place, the wildlife off course is getting conserved.

It satisfies us to see all the happy souls around (be it the animals or the men). We have taken our step of conserving the wildlife. Have you?