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(126 customer reviews)



  • Natural body-pain reliever
  • Cures Arthritis-relieves joint stiffness
  • Anti-inflammatory- decreases swelling
  • Powerful anti-oxidant
  • Great anti-bacterial
  • Improves physical functional & mobility
  • Reduces swelling of limbs
  • Highly enriched with vitamins, minerals, calcium & iron
  • No use of pesticides/fertilizers
  • 100% vegetarian

The product is grown and processed organically by using the highest standards of manufacturing without having any harm on wildlife and keeping in view a softer look towards the Mother Nature.


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126 Reviews For Calmya

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    My feet always swell up by the end of the day and it is very painful to even touch the ground and because of this pain i have trouble sleeping. I have tried popping in brufane as painkiller but nothing seemed to give permanent relief, My friend told me about Calmya and I have been using it for 4 months and i actually get to sleep without having three pillows under my feet and am not afraid to touch the ground

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    Calmya is my go to product every time my family or I suffer from any muscular aches and pains. Last weekend my husband had some severe pain in his legs after he came back from a rather strenuous hike and I gave him a dose of Calmya to lower the pain and sure enough with just a couple of hours his legs felt much better. Similarly when I came down with a splitting headache after a rather stressful day at work, I simply drank warm water with Calmya and a pinch of pepper and went to bed, only to wake up feeling so much better and relaxed. The best thing is that this product is all natural, so no fear of side effects!!

  3. Rated 4 out of 5

    I used to suffer frequently from excruciating migraine headaches before I began taking Calmya. NSAIDs and other pain relieving drugs were giving me bad gastric issues and hence I decided too try something more natural and chemical free. This is when I ordered a bottle of Calmya and began taking it everyday. The frequency of migraine attacks have gone down ever since. In fact when I do have one it is not as brutal as before and as soon as I take Calmya, it starts waning immediately. Calmya has hada no side effects on my system so far and I am a very satisfied customer.

  4. Rated 4 out of 5

    Calmya is so much better than any other muscle relaxant or pain reliever since it does not have any gastrointestinal side effects. I was suffering from severe back pain after an accident that I was unfortunately in. I was given some rather strong pain medications to tide over the back pain and get along with my life but these painkillers had some major side effects. Aside from making me drowsy all day long, they also made my stomach act up and I always felt nauseous. I finally had had enough and ditched the painkillers and began taking Calmya instead. This is such a magical product. Whoever fathomed that something as simple as curcumin can be so effective in relieving pain without unleashing any side effects. I am now only taking Calmya for my pain and in fact my back has begun healing already and I feel lesser pain with each passing day thanks to Calmya

  5. Rated 3 out of 5

    1st time

    • Hello sir, how can we help you? If you are looking to learn about Calmya, than please do visit the following link, which has all the details and you can also order from there

  6. Rated 4 out of 5

    my co-sister has been dealing with the pain of arthritis for a long time and the poor thing would avoid travelling or attending functions as she felt her pain would get worse but that is now a thing of the past as ever since she started using Calmya she feels much better. where earlier the mornings used to painful now she is able to get up and move around without shouting in pain She has actually started recommending this to all her friends

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What is  Calmya?

Human body is the most evolved machine known to mankind. It performs a series of functions and keeps us alive. When there is some kind of an ailment or injury caused to the body, it generally shows symptoms, pain being the most common one. Pain is an unpleasant and uncomfortable sensation which is sent in the form of signals to the brain to let it know that there is some problem in the body. To help you relieve from those highly uncomfortable sensations, Bagdara Farms has for you Calmya, it is a natural alternative to those harmful drugs which can have serious side effects.

Calmya is a natural and organic solution to help you get relief from pain naturally and without causing any side effects. It brings a meditative relief from pain caused due to various ailments and injuries. Calmya is the answer to all your pains in the body.

Properties Of Curcumin In Calmya:

  • Calmya has anti-inflammatory property which helps in combating any swellings in the body caused due to various kinds of pains and aches linked to innumerable ailments.
  • Calmya helps greatly in thwarting the degeneration of the tissues, making it one of the best natural remedies for joint pain, which is seen in rheumatoid arthritis and other related joint pains. It is also known to protect the joint, by cornering the inflammation in the joint pain and preventing it from spreading to the other joints.
  • It is a natural painkiller and has analgesic property. It helps in mitigating stiffness of the bones and joints and has no side effects.
  • It has anti-microbial properties, which fights off and prevents from infections caused by the harmful microbes.
  • Calmya not only brings down the pain and swelling, it also helps you overcome side effects of anti-arthritic drugs and rules out possibility of developing complications associated with it.
  • It improves the overall function and mobility of the body.
  • The anti-oxidant property of curcumin in Calmya wards off all kinds of oxidative stress on the body.


For 6-9 years: ¼ tsp twice a day

  • Take ¼ tsp Calmya, a pinch of black pepper, few drops of edible oil and boil it with 1 cup of water. Drink this twice a day.
  • Boil 1 glass of milk with ¼ tsp of Calmya and a pinch of cinnamon. Once boiled, add a dash of honey and have this twice a day.

For 10 years and above: ½ tsp twice a day

  • Boil 1 glass of milk with ½ tsp of Calmya, a pinch of black pepper and cinnamon. Once boiled, add a dash of honey and have this twice a day.
  • Take ½ teaspoon of Calmya, a pinch of black pepper and boil it with 2 cups of water. Let it boil for 10 minutes. Once boiled, let it cool and add honey to it. Drink this twice a day.
  • Calmya makes an excellent golden paste. ½ cup Calmya when combined with pepper 1 ½ tbsp, 1 cup water and 70ml olive oil gives a good paste. Mix all these ingredients & heat it for 6-7 minutes. Preserve it in an air tight container. Take ½ tsp of this paste the way you like in your tea or milk and consume it within a week.

Please Note -It is advisable to start the dosage for all age limits in small quantity and then gradually increase it. It is also important to be cautious, not to give this product to children below the age of 2 years.

Disclaimer – Results may vary from person to person, depending on the age and medical condition. We would suggest you take it for a month to begin with and see the difference.

Additional Information


60 gm / 2.1 oz


Glass Jar

Key Feature

Purely organic


Anti- cancerogenous, anti-inflammatory, anti- depressant, and good for skin and joints


Bagdara Farms, Madhya Pradesh, India




  • Avoid the usage of this product in combination with any other medicine.
  • This product will address the main health concern that you are facing and thereafter the other health concerns.
  • Therefore it is advisable to target the main disease with one product from the range of products.
  • Regular BP to be monitored as excessive use or use with allopathic medication may increase or decrease your BP. Our product works on blood thinning and cholesterol and hence the BP must be closely monitored for the first week.
  • Diabetic patients must monitor their Blood Sugar Level twice a day initially for 3 days and then once a day for next 3 days and then weekly for about a month and then monthly.
  • In case you feel any of the parameters shoot up or down, please check if you are consuming any other allopathic medication for any other problem in the body and stop using it immediately as the role of our product is to replace every other medicine that you are using and let you resume regular lifestyle where you can eat and drink what you want.
  • As a reminder, please discuss the supplements and medication to take with our advisors.

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The product is grown and processed organically by using the highest standards of manufacturing without causing any harm to the surrounding wildlife and with a softer approach towards the Mother Nature

Customer Speaks For Calmya

Customer Speaks For Calmya