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Important Information

Our efforts have been fruitful. DELIVERY SERVICE FOR BAGDARA SUPPLEMENTS is now OPEN for Pan India. Hurry & place your orders now!! Prefer Online Payments for speedy deliveries. COD might get delayed.

Latest Update

Alchorid Prevents From

The Effects of Alcohol

Hormonal levels in the body’s circadian rhythm disturbed due to intake of alcohol is restored by Alchorid. Thereby, reducing the side effects of alcohol:

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Alchorid Prevents From


To preserve the heritage of our environment and inspire, promote and support the Tribals of Bandhavgarh, to preserve the purity of our golden.


To be reliable and innovative global leader in providing genuine organic yield and solutions for overall wellness and conscious living.


To deliver the purest and exceptional quality of organic curcumin enriched products to our customers . Committed to the wellness, service and sanctity that harms no one.


Service to all Respect and devotion to mother nature Sustainable living to the tribals Preserving the forests and wild life