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How a piece of land that was meant to generate revenues exclusively from tourism, sidelining the local populace know how, was converted into an all inclusive economically uplifting noble project is an epitome of the leadership of our company. We chased our dreams for a better and brighter future for the people and the environment and turned it into reality. The dream of growing organically enriched crops and providing shelter and occupation to many tribal living in and around Bagdara Farms. These farms are located in the beautiful jungles of Bandhavgarh, in the Katni district of Madhya Pradesh. The enriched soil, the clean air and the calmness of this jungle has been the perfect platform for growing organic turmeric and rice by the very hardworking and skilled farmers.
We sow and nurture our produce organically by inhibiting the use of any chemicals, pesticides and harmful fertilizers. The farmers and tribals leave no stone unturned in the production, processing, manufacturing and distribution of our produce. Our in-house production and distribution chain works independently without having to depend on others, which is the reason we can vouch for the quality we offer.
In pursuance of afforestation and preserving the natural demography, the Bagdara farms have in spirit and action worked towards a model of social development that can be best termed as utopian. Where on one hand these farms provide economic betterment to the local residents, on the other it plays the vital role of preserving the traditional agricultural know how which is enshrined in the hearts and minds of the humble villagers. Statistics if flashed would perhaps not do justice to the colossal effort put in place by one and all associated with the farms but in order to satiate the quizzical thoughts of many readers, it is pertinent to mention that 10,000 saplings have been planted in this piece of land and 93 families have been provided with employment.


To preserve the heritage of our environment and inspire, promote and support the Tribals of Bandhavgarh, to preserve the purity of our golden.


To be reliable and innovative global leader in providing genuine organic yield and solutions for overall wellness and conscious living.


To deliver the purest and exceptional quality of organic curcumin enriched products to our customers . Committed to the wellness, service and sanctity that harms no one.


Service to all
Respect and devotion to mother nature
Sustainable living to the tribals
Preserving the forests and wild life