Aids For Better Sleep Naturally

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Works on these Health Conditions:
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Narcolepsy
  • Jet lag
  • Sleepwalking
  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Night terror
  • Insomania


  • Indigenously farm grown
  • Free of pesticides/fertilizers
  • Curcumin enriched
  • Gluten free
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Relaxant
  • Anti-spasmodic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-septic
  • Anti-bacterial
  • 100% vegetarian and organic

Soja-a is grown and processed organically by using the highest standards of manufacturing, without having any harm on wildlife and keeping in view a softer look towards the Mother Nature.

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Course Details

Our 1st order was received from Tinsukia, Assam on the 1st Dec 2016. Ever since, we have served over 50,000 customers in India and across 32 countries. Based on our trials with so many people, we have carefully handpicked 4 easy courses for result oriented consumption of our products. One side of ethnobotanical products is that they take a while to reach the threshold for exhibiting considerable results but since there are no side effects, it can’t be considered its flip side.

Minimum Course - is for 2 months and consists of 3 units of the product to be consumed over 60 days.

Moderate Course - is for 4 months and consists of 6 units of the product to be consumed over 120 days.

Recommended Course - is for 6 months and consists of 9 units of the product to be consumed over 180 days.

Extended Course - is for 8 months and consists of 12 units of the product to be consumed over 240 days.



What is  Soja-a?

It is a fact that sleep is as important as nutrition, breathing, and exercise, as it is during this time that the neurotransmitters, chemicals that enable our brain cells to communicate are all repackaged by the body. When people get the sleep that they need, the risks of developing problems like attention issues, learning issues as well as other serious issues are reduced to a negligible level. Sleep disorders affect every organ and every facet of our lives adversely.

Bagdara Farms have created and bottled a wonder formulation which not only ensures a good night sleep but also boosts the immune system. Soja-a with very high Curcumin content is a powerhouse of pharmacological and therapeutic properties, which not only aids in a good night’s sleep but also gives other benefits. The high curcumin content in Soja-a elevates your mood, thus making you feel happy and refreshed after a good night’s sleep. The bioactive component curcumin present in Soja–a plays a dominant role in elevating your mood, which makes you feel positive and gives you a promise to a night of sleep that will rejuvenate you to face the family, friends, and colleagues, in a fresh and energized manner.


  1. Soja-a is a miracle product from Bagdara Farms which boasts of powerful anti-oxidant properties, which in turn fights and checks free radicals, further getting rid of stress and thus helping you relax. A relaxed mood and mind lead to sound sleep.
  2. Soja-a is high in Curcumin, which is a potent anti-inflammatory and combats different kinds of inflammation in the body that may affect our sleep patterns. Soja-a fights and takes care of all such problems.
  3. Soja-a with its high curcumin content plays a proactive role in keeping your mood uplifted, by enhancing brain chemicals like nano adrenaline and serotonin and also increases production of dopamine, which controls our reaction to pleasure or pain. This uplifts your mood and a happy you mean peaceful sleep.
  4. Soja-a has potent anti-oxidant property, which acts as a relaxant and helps us sleep better.
  5. It helps get rid of allergies that may lead to insomnia and restlessness, due to the potent anti-septic and anti-biotic properties of Curcumin present in Soja-
  6. Sojaa boosts the immune system and helps one sleep better.
  7. The detoxifying property of Soja-a helps in detoxifying the liver thus ensuring smooth digestion and helping one sleep better.

Please Note – It is advisable to start the dosage for all age limits in small quantity and then gradually increase it. It is also important to be cautious, not to give this product to children below the age of 2 years.

Additional information


60gms or 2.1 oz


Bagdara Farms, Madhya Pradesh, India


Bright Yellow

Key Feature

100% Organic


    For 10years and above: ½ tsp twice a day

  • Take 2 cups of milk, 1/2 tsp of SOJA-a, ¼ tsp black pepper powder and boil till the milk reduces to 1 cup on lower flame.
  • Once boiled, pour the mixture in a cup without straining it, add ½ tsp honey and drink it when it is hot to lukewarm.
  • Make sure not to gulp down the drink in one go. Keep each sip in your mouth for 20-30 seconds and then gulp it down. This has to be taken twice a day, morning and evening, either before your meals or around 2 hours after your meals.
  • A gap of 1-2 hours should be kept so that the stomach/gut is empty when the drink reaches it. Take this drink twice daily for best results.

127 reviews for Soja-a

  1. bhavna singh

    because of insomnia i was experiencing daytime tiredness or sleepiness. Irritability, depression or anxiety.
    i had Difficulty paying attention, focusing on tasks or remembering. i started having this natural product on a friends recommendation and there has been no looking back for the past 4 months.i sleep well, wake up fresh and overall health is excellent. a yes to this product

    Reply (1)
    • Bagdara Farms (verified owner)

      Hi Mr bhavna singh,
      Thank you for writing to us. We appreciate your kind words. It makes us work harder when our customers give true feedback & the product is showing results on them. You can also call us on +91 9560254646 or share your number with us and our team will assist you in any future queries. We look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Neerja Pandey

    Its insane how my sleep problem hot solved in a matter of 3 months just by having this awesome natural product. My sleep pattern had affected my health in more than one way. MyBp was high, my sugar level was increasing and my anxiety was killing me. i started having this on the recommendation of a friend and this product n just 3 months has brought my life on track. i get a goodnights sleep and i wake up with a fresh and positive approach. i am so thankful i found it.

    Reply (1)
    • Bagdara Farms (verified owner)

      Hi Mr Neerja Pandey,
      Thank you for writing to us. We appreciate your kind words. It makes us work harder when our customers give true feedback & the product is showing results on them. You can also call us on +91 9560254646 or share your number with us and our team will assist you in any future queries. We look forward to hearing from you.

  3. Vivek Anand

    my sleep disorder no longer exists thanks to this wonderful product. i was at one time batteling with insomnia, which had affected my health greatly. even after the treatment , i didn’t feel well. i was just not okay with the idea of taking pills to sleep. My co worker who is dear friend was very concerned and got this product which her brother was using too. i was doubtful but ths has worked wonderfuly. i wake up fresh, there is no stiffness and i feel positive. a must have for all those fighting insomnia or sleep related issues

    Reply (1)
    • Bagdara Farms

      Hi Mr. Vivek Anand. Thank you for writing to us. We appreciate your kind words. It makes us work harder when our customers give true feedback & the product is showing results on them. You can also call us on +91 9560254646 or share your number with us and our team will assist you in any future queries. We look forward to hearing from you.

  4. Sheetal kandwal

    My sleeping pattern has always been erratic and as time passed it started affecting my health. I was always low on energy and it became even more after the birth of my child. I went to the doctor but all I got were sleep enhancers or sleeping pills. Till my sister asked me to try this product. For the past one year I am so relieved, I sleep well and my general health is great. I highly recommended this product for all those who are sleep deprived for no reason

  5. Akshara Soni

    I faced a big personal loss and that affected my health very severely. There were nights I could sleep even for 5 minutes. It was a traumatic time. I visited doctors started medication and only when I had medicine I could sleep. But I realised for how long can I continue like this? My husband on recommendation of his colleague got soja a. I started taking it 9 months back and it’s almost 5 to 6 months I am not only sleeping well but also more active than before. My blood pressure, my sugar is back in control.i am so glad I tried this. Highly recommended to all who are facing a similar problem .

  6. Shaibani Singh

    It has not only put an end to my insomnia problem but controlled my stress levels , blood pressure which was all happening due to my erratic sleeping pattern. Soja A is highly recommended to all who are facing irregular sleeping pattern. It’s natural so I am so so happy about having something natural with no chemicals at all.

  7. Akshay basu

    मैं सिर्फ 25 साल का हूँ, इंजीनियरिंग सेक्टर में पिछले 2 साल से काम कर रहा हूँ। लॉकडाउन खत्म होने के बाद वर्क का काफी प्रेशर था, काम ख़त्म करने के चक्कर में काफी देर तक रात में जगना भी पड़ता था। धीरे – धीरे मैंने महसूस किया की मुझे तो नींद आनी ही बंद हो गयी है। मैं कितना भी कोशिश करता था लेकिन नींद 2 या 3 बजे से पहले आती ही नहीं थी। और जब मैंने नेट पर इसके साइड-इफेक्ट्स पढ़े तो और भी ज्यादा परेशान हो गया। पुरे दिन थकान रहता था और किसी भी काम पर ध्यान नहीं रहता था।
    thanks to my senior Sumit sir
    जिन्होंने मुझे बगदरा फार्म्स का soja-a के बारे में बताया, सिर्फ 2 महीनो में फर्क दिखना शुरू हो गया। अब मुझे काफी अच्छा नींद आने लगा है, कभी – कभी खुद के काम देरी होती है सोने में लेकिन परेशानी सच में कम हो गया है मेरा।
    बगदरा फार्म्स आप बहुत अच्छा कर रहे है, लोगो के असल समस्या पर काम कर रहे है।
    very good keep it up.

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