Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we at Bagdara Farms produce the purest form of organic turmeric.
We have a wide range of products at Bagdara Farms nd the curcumin level ranges from 6.60% to 10.07%.
Yes, we deliver our products all around the world.
To deliver in India, we take around 4 to 6 days.
Each bottle of Bagdara Turmeric weighs 60gms or 2.1oz.
To place an order simply visit the product page, choose the quantity and place the order. You will get a confirmation mail on placement of your order.
It will take 10 to 12 days approximately for your order to reach Chicago.
Yes, we have certification to prove the curcumin content in our products. Please check the 'Certifications' as displayed on top on the homepage.
Yes, we do take bulk orders. Place in your requirements to us and we will make sure all of your demands are met.
Our turmeric rice comes in jute bags with 1.1kg and 2.7kg packing.
Yes, our products are 100% gluten free.
Yes, we have a product by the name 'Barkumin', to treat all kind of ailments in dogs.
We have a store at Bandhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh. Other than that we take all kinds of orders online.
Our Bagdara Farms are at Bagdara Village in District Katni, Madhya Pradesh in India.
No, we have whole turmeric as well in addition to the powdered one.
Yes, we provide all important information about the products. You can click on the product you want and scroll down to read all added information about the chosen product.
Yes, our products are 100% NON-GMO.
Yes, we have few offers on our products. You can check out the 'Special Offers' on our homepage, written on the extreme right.
We are available for all queries through mails, calls or you can visit our website and drop in your message there. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.
Yes, all are products are subjected to rigorous quality checks. The reports of which are attached on the homepage under the 'Certifications' section.
Yes, we do have a replacement policy which is applicable to only those products that are 'Damaged', 'Defective' or is 'Not As Described' on the webpage. Other than that we don't replace products.
Yes, you can do that but it is subject to availability.
Bagdara Farms ever since inception has never used any third party e-commerce website to promote or distribute its products. The only way ever anyone has ever been able to order our products is through our website However, has a review that talks inappropriately about Bagdara Farms. Since we have never ever worked with or we request readers to to validate platforms where comments and reviews are manipulated to gain traction and confuse users instead of being able to convince them. Apparently a Giant can never be a master of all trades but a boutique team like us can be a master of one trade. We cultivate our herb, harvest it and then hand process it in the middle of a national park called Bandhavgarh. It is also a Tiger Reserve with highest density of tigers and the best breeding ground for Tigers. Turmeric is the Gold of Herbs and it is native to India. In India, Bagdara Farms is the only company that has researched and made sincere efforts in first acquiring indigenous and then re-cultivating those non-gene modified naturally enriched wild strand medicinal grade turmeric. Our search for seed took us on 2 wheelers across corridors of forests in search of seed. A herb is to be found in the forest not in a farm and thats where we got it from and thats where we cultivate it now. With over 70,000 customers in India and over 38 countries outside India, we have a proven claim to fame story. This gives us the confidence to go alone and maintain our distinction. The head winds do get strong but they leave us stronger is what we believe and we continue to stay on our course to continue delivering this herb for the ones who need healing in addition to assurances. Bagdara Farms isn’t a model that was drawn from any inspiration but a zeal to do give it back to the society and reducing the man animal conflict. We’ve been successful in delivering both. The engagement in cultivation reduces the dependance of villagers on the forest which reduces encounters and the forest ecosystem also gets to sustain and flourish. There is definitely a way for everyone on the plant to stay happy and thats what we promote through Bagdara Farms. We promote and distribute our herb under different brands based on different concentrations and for diverse symptoms and diseases. For more information on our products, you can visit our product page or call us at 9560254646 to discuss and let us help you with our experience and knowledge.