With the beginning of the new calendar year, comes the new hope for people waiting to launch their ideas to the market. Every year, the products and genres of interest change. 2020 saw the beginning of vaccines and immunity building herbal supplements. 2021 increased the adaptability of herbal supplements to treat even serious conditions like Covid or any other Viral infections that have long lived on the planet.

2022 is the year when things will move but not at the pre pandemic speed and neither in areas where the return on investments kept investors attached to their virtual assets.

Stock markets and Crypto Currencies were the only 2 performing virtual assets through out the Covid 19 period. However everything can not live for ever. With stock prices falling over the roof for newly launched IPO’s there is even less scope for a green trajectory to be achieved in investing in stocks or in crypto currencies. This year, is the year to invest in commodities that are farm dependant. We therefore advice investors to make little investments in companies that have taken the road we have travelled. Its tough but its reliable and the returns are decent.

Please let us know if you would like to discuss your investment plans with our experts. We would be happy to help you shortlist your options.

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