Curcumin For The Good Health Of Your Uterus

A woman is the backbone of the society and the family, as she is the one who ensures that everything runs smoothly. She is the one who takes care of the minutest details and comfort of everyone, and at times in doing so, her health takes a back seat. With all the changes that her body undergoes with time, her health needs special care and regular monitoring. The hormonal changes that take place in her body can cause complications and affect her physical, psychological as well as emotional health. A woman’s health seems to revolve around the changes in her menstrual cycle when it begins changes take place and major changes take place when the cycle comes to an end. Curcumin For The Good Health Of Your Uterus is a must. Read on to know more about it in detail.


There are plenty of signs when the menopausal cycle begins, and it is during this time the uterus undergoes many changes and can develop complications. Adenomyosis is one such problem.

In this condition, the inner lining of the uterus ( the endometrium) breaks through the muscle wall of the uterus.

Adenomyosis can cause menstrual cramps, lower back pain, bloating before periods and can lead to heavy periods.

It is a non-threatening condition, but the frequent pain and heavy bleeding affect the life of a woman in a negative manner.


Not all women who have Adenomyosis observe signs, though some of them complain of:

  • Heavy, prolonged menstrual bleeding
  • Severe menstrual cramps
  • Abdominal pressure and bloating
  • Clots pass during periods
  • Enlarged Uterus

Middle-aged women who have had children are prone to developing adenomyosis.

Adenomyosis could develop because of the following:

  • Invasive tissue growth: Direct invasion of endometrial cells from the lining of the uterus into the muscle that forms the uterine walls. Uterine incisions during C-section might promote direct invasion of the endometrial cells into the wall.
  • Developmental origins
  • Uterine inflammation related to childbirth
  • Stem cell origin
  • Various hormones-estrogen, progesterone, prolactin and follicle stimulating hormone may trigger the condition.

Adenomyosis Can Lead To Following Complications:

  • A C-section, childbirth and middle age increase your susceptibility towards developing Adenomyosis.
  • Prolonged heavy bleeding can lead to chronic anaemia; protracted, painful periods also affect your work and lifestyle.
  • Recurring pain can lead to depression, anxiety, anger and feeling of helplessness.
  • It is imperative that you consult a doctor if any of these signs appear:
  • To diagnose the condition correctly, the doctor will conduct a physical exam as a pelvic exam would reveal a tender and enlarged uterus.
  • An MRI, Sonohysterography Imaging technology has made it possible to treat Adenomyosis without hysterectomy.
  • Adenomyosis can be treated based on the symptoms, hormonal therapy, anti-inflammatory medications and to make it easy for you Bagdara Farms have created Menoeze to help you transition smoothly.

How Curcumin For The Good Health Of Your Uterus Is The Best Supplement

Menoeze With High Curcumin Content Has Pharmacological And Therapeutic Properties. These Are:

  • Curcumin in Menoeze is a phytoestrogen, which helps in regulating and enhancing estrogen levels.
  • The high curcumin content in Menoeze ensures that the estrogen levels do not deplete and are replenished regularly thus inhibiting the growth of endometrial cells.
  • The anti-anxiety property of Curcumin boosts DHA levels, which are vital for providing relief from depression and anxiety.  These are bound to happen in women going through the menopausal stage and adenomyosis.
  • Curcumin has the best and most potent anti-inflammatory properties, which help in providing relief from muscle soreness and cramps one experiences during Adenomyosis.
  • It modulates the immune system thus fighting inflammation and also making your immune system stronger.
  • Curcumin in Menoeze also regularizes the hormonal level ensuring that adenomyosis symptoms are in check and also helps keep you feeling upbeat.
  • Curcumin in Menoeze has dynamic anti-inflammatory property, which reduces inflammation and reduces swelling in the uterus thus inhibiting the symptoms.
  • The analgesic property of Curcumin acts as a painkiller providing relief from the excruciating pain experienced during this condition.
  • Curcumin in Menoeze curbs the growth of endometriosis by reducing the level of hormone estradiol.
  • It inhibits angiogenesis, which is known to be important for the spread of endometriosis.

With Menoeze, You Have The Best Of Both Worlds; Try Consuming It With This Concoction:

Start with the small dose of ½ tsp Menoeze with a pinch of black pepper ( it enhances the absorption of Curcumin thus aiding its potency) on the empty stomach after it has been boiled in water for 2-3 minutes. Gradually you can take it twice a day.

It is best to treat health issues naturally. As we all know Prevention is Better than Cure, so why not take Menoeze regularly and keep your uterus healthy. If you have any doubts regarding how Curcumin For The Good Health Of Your Uterus will help you, you may call our consultants or chat live them right away!

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  1. It was a complete shock and confusion for me when I heard of the condition that I was suddenly diagnosed with- Adenomyosis. At 37, I was an active mother but was suffering from heavy periods and clotting that were sucking away my energy and good mood. I was never too much in allopathic medicines so was looking for a natural remedy and thats what I found in Menoeze. My condition is much stable after using it regularly and cant wait to hit the gym soon.

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