Cancerous Effects

Cholangiocarcinoma Can Be Cured With Curcumin

Bile is one of the digestive juices that help in the emulsification and breakdown of dietary fats. It is secreted by the liver and is taken to the gallbladder for storage through many pipes called bile ducts. From the bile ducts, the bile is taken to the small intestine where it breaks down fat.  Cholangiocarcinoma is a type of cancer Read More

Cancerous Effects

Treat Mesothelioma with Curcumin

Mesolithium is the thin layer of tissue that covers almost all the internal organs of the body like heart, lungs and abdomen. A mesothelioma is an aggressive form of cancer that affects the mesolithium. A cure for mesothelioma is not possible in many people as it doesn’t include a benign form. Depending on the part of mesolithium which is affected Read More

Cancerous Effects

Kick Out Liposarcoma With Curcumin

Also called lipids, fats are an important part of our diet and carry out many essential functions in our body like insulation and shock absorbers for the delicate organs of the body. Fat is stored in the body in special cells called adipocytes and put to use whenever required. Liposarcoma is a rare form of cancer that affects the fat Read More

Cancerous Effects

Beat Ovarian Cancer with Curcumin

Ovaries are the female gonads that are located on the lower abdomen on either side of the uterus. The main function of the almond-shaped ovaries is to produce mature ova or eggs every month during the childbearing years. They also produce female hormones called progesterone and estrogen. What are these cysts that we keep hearing about so often these days? Read More

Cancerous Effects

Stay Away From Cancer With Regular Intake of Curcumin

We live in strange times, where ailments that were uncommon and rare are now common occurrences. No one is spared age is no barrier for an ailment to keep you down. The one thing that remains unchanged is the fear that the word cancer brings in. Cancer is still feared and dreaded as still there are a lot of misconceptions Read More

Cancerous Effects

Curcumin Therapy And How It Can Help Beat Lymphoma

A robust immune system is the cornerstone of healthy existence. The immune system consists of a group of organs inside the body that work in tandem to fight off foreign invaders like viruses, bacteria and toxic elements that may try to infiltrate the body and lead to diseases. It is, therefore, very crucial to have an immune system that is Read More

Cancerous Effects

Kill Uterine Cancer With Curcumin

The uterus is an organ of the female reproductive system in which the fertilized zygote embeds itself for further development. It is shaped like an upside-down pear and has three parts namely, fundus (top), corpus (middle) and cervix (bottom). There are two layers in it and the inner layer is called the endometrium while the outer layer is a muscle Read More

Cancerous Effects

Our Love And Prayers With Sonali Bendre To Fight Out Cancer

Cancer today has become more common than common cold and flu. Reason being the lifestyle of the day! Unhealthy eating habits, irregular sleeping pattern, adulteration of anything and everything is making this scary disease so common these days. Sonali Bendre Behl’s Announcement of Cancer Sonali Bendre Behl, the Sarfarosh girl has lately been diagnosed with Cancer! It has left all in Read More

Cancer/Cancerous Effects

Combat throat cancer using curcumin therapy

Cancer is a class of diseases in which abnormal cells multiply and divide uncontrollably in the body. These abnormal cells form malignant growths called tumors .Some of the chemicals contained in tobacco smoke cause, initiate or promote cancer. When inhaled, these chemicals cause genetic changes in cells of the throat, which can lead to the development of throat cancer.Smoking increases the risk of Read More

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