Breast Cancer

Pain in the Breast is Not Always a Sign of Breast Cancer

Breasts are the mammary glands which are developed during puberty in females. More or less a lot of women complain of breast pain which is commonly called mastalgia. Generally, the pain in the breast is common through the reproductive years of a woman and even after menopause for some time. The severity, as well as the location of breast pain, Read More


Curcumin: Common Dietary Supplement Turned Anti-Cancer Compound?

Listen To Article Cancer is one of the most dreaded yet, common diseases affecting people of all age groups off late. If the cancer is detected well on time, then the chances of getting cured are high. It also depends on the kind of cancer that one is afflicted with. One of the major reasons for the unsuccessful treatment of Read More

Cancerous Effects

Manage Melanoma with Curcumin

Listen To Article Skin is the largest organ in our body and if we were to open it up, it can cover up to several kilometers in length. Having said so, skin cancer is also becoming one of the leading cancers in the whole wide world. Skin cancers are the cancers are arising in the skin due to the uncontrolled Read More

Cancer/Cancerous Effects

Chemopreventive Action Of Curcumin Against Lymphoma

Listen To Article Lymphoma – A Snapshot A healthy immune system is like an inbuilt armor that helps keep disease-carrying foreign invaders at bay. Unfortunately, though, this internal mechanism is itself vulnerable to a variety of illnesses that can weaken it, therefore, making it ineffective in its primary task of protecting the body. One of the most severe conditions to Read More


Using Curcumin As A Chemopreventive Agent In Melanoma Cases

Listen To Article What Is Melanoma? Melanoma occurs when the cells that form the skin start growing in number at an atypical rate. Such rapid growth causes the creation of tumors that originate in the cells that synthesize melanin, pigments that determine the color of our skin. The Most Common Instigators are: Prolonged exposure to UVA and UVB radiations either Read More


Can Lung Cancer Patients Rely On Curcumin To Lessen Their Agony?

Listen To Article Lung cancer is a disease that is often attributed to smoking. However, there are some other uncontrollable factors too that make a person vulnerable to this disease. These factors include exposure to polluted air for a prolonged period and genetics. Lung cancer occurs when there is a development of abnormal cells in the lungs which leads to Read More

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