Strong and Healthy Liver

Curcumin Best For Your Liver

Listen To Article We live in times when people are not scared to try new diets, new foods. Everything that is the trend catches our fancy what we don’t realize is that this unthinking race tends to have a negative effect on our organs. The huge network of organs are linked and if one organ is affected by the working Read More

Strong and Healthy Liver

Detox Naturally With Curcumin

Listen To Article The process of resting, cleansing and nourishing the body has been practised in Ayurveda for centuries so let us not think that detoxification is a new age find. Detoxification gives your body a new lease on energy and vigour as when you eliminate toxins and remove them from your body and provide your body with healthy nutrients Read More

Strong and Healthy Liver

Say NO To Fatty Liver Now With Curcumin

Listen To Article The liver is a vital organ of our body that is involved in many actions like fat metabolism and detoxification amongst the many others. It is also a delicate organ and needs to be taken good care of. It can repair itself by rebuilding new liver cells, but it happens only to some extent. After sometime permanent Read More

Strong and Healthy Liver

Prevent liver cancer with this curcumin supplement

A disease that has been on the rampant these days is liver cancer. In India, there have been more cases in the recent past, especially because our lifestyles have changed and there is less and less focus and attention that we pay to our health. There are unhealthy habits that we have developed like smoking, consuming alcohol and not performing Read More

Strong and Healthy Liver

Fascioliasis – Is Your Liver Rotting?

Fascioliasis is also known as liver rot and is a condition that is caused by a certain type of parasitic worm. It is one of those infections that primarily affect animals but is then passed on to human beings through contaminated food or water. The primary host for these worms is the infected animal. When such an animal passes stools Read More

Strong and Healthy Liver

Liver disease – a danger looming large

A recent article in a UK based newspaper warning readers about the sharp increase in the cases of liver disease of late caught my eye recently. It said that by the year 2020, liver disease will be a top cause for premature death, higher in position than even heart disease owing to excessive alcohol consumption and obesity. Another news piece on Read More

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