Not many have heard about Wilson’s disease as it is a rare genetic condition that affects those who unfortunately inherit a faulty mutation of the ATP7B gene from their parents. As a result of this disorder, there is an accumulation of copper deposits in various parts of the body including the liver and the brain. It is vital to understand the initial symptoms of Wilson’s disease and seek immediate treatment. If left untreated for long, this condition can prove to be fatal.

Copper is an essential nutrient for your body and is absorbed from the food that you ingest. It is critical for keeping the bones and the nerves healthy and is also essential for the development of collagen and melanin, both of which help in keeping your skin in good shape. Any excess quantity of copper is flushed out by the liver through its standard detoxification process. For those suffering from Wilson’s disease though, the liver is unable to completely purge the excess copper from the body causing a dangerous build-up of this element.

The typical symptoms of Wilson’s disease are as follows:

  1. Pain in the abdomen
  2. Sallow skin that has a yellowish tinge
  3. Fluid retention in limbs and stomach
  4. Speech issues
  5. Chronic tiredness
  6. Loss of appetite
  7. Muscle stiffness

Inability to detect Wilson’s disease at an early stage can cause several life-threatening complications like:

  1. Liver Cirrhosis – Excess copper in the system overloads the liver as it tries to work hard to flush out the extra toxins. This causes scar tissue.
  2. Liver Failure – The liver can stop functioning altogether if the condition is not detected for a prolonged period.
  3. Kidney damage – Kidney stones and kidney failure is also an eventuality that can occur with Wilson’s disease.
  4. Anemia can occur as a result of damage caused to the red blood cells.

Apart from the standard medical interventions that are necessary for treating Wilson’s disease, a regular curcumin supplement can help immensely in enabling the liver to repair itself quickly. Here are some ways in which curcumin, a polyphenol found in turmeric, can help manage Wilson’s disease better in conjunction with other treatment plans.

How does Curcumin help to fight Wilson’s disease?

  1. Curcumin has been lauded several times for its exceptional antioxidant properties. It can effectively scavenge any excess reactive oxygen species present in the body. Additionally, curcumin can also neutralize reactive nitrogen species that are just as bad for the liver. Curcumin increases the production of glutathione in the body while at the same time it suppresses the lipid peroxidation process. All of this helps in toning down the severity of the symptoms of Wilson’s disease especially since patient’s suffering from it often show a reduced level of glutathione and higher oxidative stress.
  2. Curcumin is good at excess chelating copper from the body. This happens because curcumin exhibits very high binding affinities with copper. Since the underlying cause of Wilson’s disease is an excess of copper in various parts of the body, the chelating property of curcumin is beneficial in deconstructing and removing copper deposits all over the body. This is particularly good for the liver since the stress on it reduces considerably as a result of reduced copper deposition.
  3. The anti-inflammatory qualities of curcumin can prove to be very useful in reducing the harshness of the symptoms experienced by patients of Wilson’s disease. Regular consumption of curcumin can target the abdominal pain and the chronic fatigue. Curcumin acts on the pro-inflammatory mechanisms of the body and suppresses it to alleviate physical malaise.
  4. The anti-carcinogenic nature of curcumin helps avert the possibility of liver cancer as a result of cirrhosis. By inhibiting the formation of tumors that can be cancerous, curcumin can reduce the chances of things worsening and taking the form of liver cancer. In case liver cancer has already been detected, curcumin can help contain it by inducing cell death or apoptosis in the cancerous cells thereby preventing tumor growth and metastasis

Livturm is a liver-protecting curcumin-based supplement

Livturm is a liver-protecting curcumin-based supplement created by Bagdara Farms for all those who need additional fortification for their livers. By acting directly on the issues that compromise the liver, Livturm helps in relieving the stress on it thus allowing it to heal quickly. The curcumin used to make Livturm is high quality and is grown organically at Bagdara Farms.

By ensuring that the methods used to cultivate curcumin are natural and sans any chemical fertilizers or pesticides, farmers at Bagadara ascertain that no chemical residues sneak into the supplements created using their produce. It is hence no surprise that the result is safe for people across age groups and levels of physical health.

If you are suffering from the liver disease of any kind, Livturm is an excellent natural remedy for you. It can be ordered online and is delivered right to your doorstep in a jiffy.

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