Cervical Cancer

Kill Cervical Cancer with Curcumin

Listen To Article Cervix is a part of the female reproductive system that extends from the lower end of the uterus to the upper vagina. Cervical cancer is cancer that starts in the cells of the cervix. Human Papillomavirus or HPV is the most common cause of cervical cancer. When there is an attack by the HPV, the immune system Read More

Cervical Cancer

Is There Any Natural Cure of Cervical Cancer

Listen To Article As per an official report published by the US Health department, in 2014, over 12000 American women suffered from cervical cancer. Of these, 4115 succumbed to this ailment. There has been a steady down-slide in deaths due to cervical cancer in the West but in developing countries it is still quite a cause for concern. Heightened awareness Read More

Cervical Cancer


Turmeric has proven true to be miraculous. Uses and benefits of this spice are innumerable. Turmeric ideally belongs to the ginger family. It was first found and used in India, the spice country. Still in many part of India, Turmeric is used as a primary spice. The beautiful yellow curry you see that are made in India all have turmeric Read More

Cancer/Cervical Cancer

Benefits Of Curcumin In Combating Cervical Cancer

CURCUMIN- A MIRACULOUS POTION FOR CERVICAL CANCER Cervical cancer has been added recently to the long growing list of cancers that people around the world are getting afflicted with. It is a cancer of the lower most part of the uterus called cervix, which occurs when abnormal cells on the cervix grow out of control to form an accumulating mass Read More

Cervical Cancer

Head Off Cervical Cancer With Cervikil

Women are the magnificent creation of God; the multifaceted role of woman has been hailed for centuries. However, in today’s time, it has become somewhat challenging, she now is not limited to tending to personal relationships, but is efficiently managing the professional front as well. The women of today are breaking all stereotypes and are embracing new definitions of femininity. Read More

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