Cervikil to prevent cervical cancer

I once met a lady who was a co-passenger with me on a train journey. The way she was dressed up and carried herself was superb. There was just so much sophistication in her conduct and poise that I couldn’t help striking a conversation with her. We instantly hit it off and started sharing anecdotes with each other. She said her name was Geetanjali. I noticed that she had very scanty hair on her scalp and I hesitantly asked her the reason for it. Her answer shook me out of my wits. She said she was undergoing chemotherapy for cervical cancer.

This demon has become rampant nowadays and there is no stopping it. This type of cancer happens in the lower area of the uterus. This cancer develops when the normal cells of the cervix become pre-cancerous and then get converted to cancer.

The worse part that Geetanjali told me was that the symptoms of this deadly cancer are not visible and the pre-cancerous cells may take a year or more to develop into cancer. The prominent and probably the earliest symptoms are bleeding and pelvic pain. There may be a number of reasons of developing this cancer.

Causes Of Cervical Cancer

  • Smoking is a major cause of almost all kinds of cancer.
  • In case there is use of oral contraceptives for a long period of time, then there is a risk. This was exactly the case with Geetanjali. She had used these pills for more than 2 years.
  • The causative organism of cervical cancer is human papillomavirus (HPV). The scary part is that it can spread from one person to another by contact.
  • Multiple pregnancies are another cause for it.
  • Getting pregnant at a young age may also cause this health problem.

But there is surely a preventive option that is also so close to nature that there are no side effects and can effectively prevent and also control the spread of the cancer cells.

Cervikil From Bagdara Farms

From the organic and natural Bagdara Farms in Katni, Madhya Pradesh comes Cervikil , which is a brilliant product that is very effective for cervical cancer. Since it is bestowed with an abundant amount of curcumin, Cervikil exhibits anti-cancer properties, which can help in a number of ways like:

  • It helps to boost the body’s immunity.
  • Limits the HPV infection caused in the body.
  • The pharmacological and therapeutic properties which Cervikil exhibits alters the molecular composition of the HPV and is therefore, very effective to control cervical cancer.

Preliminary Use Of Cervikil Also Helps To Prevent The Onset Of This Deadly Cancer In Women. Let’s See The Plethora Of Qualities That Cervikil Has:

  • Curcumin in Cervikil has cornucopia amount, which has its anti-tumor effect on the cancer cells.
  • The anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin are well-known and therefore, due to this cancer, there may be inflammation in the cervix, which can be effectively combated with the help of Cervikil.
  • Cervikil is helpful in inhibiting the HPV infection, which is a major cause of this cancer. Cervikil also takes care of the cellular proliferation.
  • Cervikil also has some properties that make it a chemo-protective supplement since it has a high curcumin content. It can destroy the HPV too and therefore, it is an excellent treatment of cervical cancer.

I happened to know about Bagdara Farms and due to that I could tell Geetanjali about all these qualities of their amazing curcumin product for cervical cancer. She was thrilled to know that a natural product can help in such deadly diseases. I told her that she can take Cervikil with her ongoing treatment for best results.

Recommended Dosage

There are some recommended dosages that are to be followed while administering Cervikil which are:

  • You can take ½ teaspoon of Cervikil and add a pinch each of cinnamon and black pepper to a glass of milk. You can warm it up and let it simmer. Then pour it in a glass and add honey to it. You can also have this concoction cold in the summer.
  • Another way to take Cervikil is to add ½ teaspoon of it along with ¼ teaspoon black pepper to 1 glass of water. Boil it and have this twice a day.
  • Another way is to add ½ teaspoon of Cervikil to soup and consume it daily.

This product may have different effects on different people. So, it’s best to start with a small dosage and monitor the effects and then gradually increase the intake and quantity. Let Cervikil work for you in the most natural way to control this cancer and to lead a healthy life.

Click here for more details : https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29490752


2 thoughts on “Want to prevent & treat prevent cervical cancer- use curcumin

  1. One of the sister in laws in our family was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She was advised to take cervikil along with the usual allopathic course of treatment. After hearing the news, I also started taking this supplement for a better reproductive health as well as a preventive measure against cervical cancer.

  2. A few months after getting married, I was diagnosed with infection in my cervix and was put on very strong antibiotics, but somehow the infection would come back. After using antibiotics on and off for a few more months the infection was under control but then one day I read an article about cervical cancer and chances of it are more if one has had recurrent cervical infection. I had read about Cervikil and knew that this is the right time to start having it regularly. Its been over a year and no bad news till now in any of my pap smears and other tests. Not to forget the other good health benefits that curcumin has to offer !

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