Cervikil for preventing Cervical cancer


Cervical cancer has been added recently to the long growing list of cancers that people around the world are getting afflicted with. It is a cancer of the lower most part of the uterus called cervix, which occurs when abnormal cells on the cervix grow out of control to form an accumulating mass called tumour, which in turn invade nearby tissues and break off to metastasize to the other parts of the body. HPV is a very common microorganism residing in as a part of the normal flora of the body and most of the women with the virus never develop cervical cancer. which proves that other factors like the environment and lifestyle choices also play an important role in the development of this form of cancer.

Some Of The Risk Factors For Cervical Cancer Include:

  • Many sexual partners– The chances of getting cervical cancer increases with the increase in the number of sexual partners.
  • Compromised immune system– A weak immune system due to any other health condition increases the risk of HPV.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases– Other STDs like Chlamydia, gonorohhea, syphilis and AIDS increases the risk of cervical cancer.
  • Early sexual activity– Indulging in sexual activities early in life is one of the factors in contracting the HPV and eventually cervical cancer.
  • Smoking– Some of the studies have found out that smokers have a higher chance of coming down with cervical cancer.

Seema Singh, a 35 year old, mother of two kids started experiencing abnormal vaginal bleeding, increased vaginal discharge and rather agonising pelvic pain for a couple of months. Having being diagnosed with cervical cancer, it was a blow out of the blue for her.

Since it was diagnosed at stage 2, radiation therapy, was recommended which comes with its share of severe ill effects.   As luck would have it, Seema was advised by a friend to try out the magical properties of curcumin and tumerone found in turmeric to restrict the growth of the cancer. Some of the benefits of the above two components found in turmeric are as follows:

  • Even at low concentrations, the magical yellow pigmented compound in turmeric called curcumin can inhibit the growth and proliferation of cervical cancer cells by inducing cell death and reducing the longevity of malignant cells. It also contributes to the destruction of cancer cells by activating different proteins that cause cell death.
  • Estradiol which is a female hormone has been found to protect the cervical cancer cells and support their growth. An experimental demonstration shows that curcumin can counter the effects of estradiol  and destroy cancer cells.
  • Curcumin prevents growth and activity of HPV infection which is a significant cause of cervical cancer.
  • The last stages of cervical cancer do not respond to conventional therapy as the tumours develop resistance to even the best chemotherapy drugs. Numerous experiments have suggested that curcumin and tumerone act as a sensitizer to overcome this chemoresistance by making the cancer cells more sensitive to chemotherapy. If used during the preliminary stages of cancer, turmeric can prevent the occurrence of cervical cancer.
  • Turmeric and its compounds can help to boost the immune system as well as prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) associated with the increased risk of cervical cancer by blocking the activation of two oncogenes ( genes giving rise to cancer) that transformed infected cells into malignant cervical cancer.
  • Along with being a potent cancer cell killer, turmeric and its components can also provide relief from the complications related to cervical cancer. It can help reduce the symptoms like pelvic pain, vaginal discharge, bleeding and kidney failure which is a consequence of advanced cervical cancer.

The health and happiness of the mother of the house is of utmost importance for the well being and smooth functioning of a family.Adulteration and the high risk of pesticides in our food chains, forces us to give a second thought about even using the natural products. The answer to your cause of concern is the use of Cervikil, an effective product by Bagdara Farms, which has been formulated to help fight cervical cancer and its associated symptoms. The organically grown turmeric is free from any kind of chemicals adding on to its potency and efficacy as an anti cancerous agent.

Wondering how to use this product?  The recommended dosage of Cervikil is ½ tsp twice a day with ¼ tsp of black pepper boiled in a glass of water. In order to make it more appealing to the taste buds, one can even add a dash of cinnamon, honey in a glass of milk or water along with the above recommended dose. For preventive measures, one can also add ½ tsp of Cervikil in soup or curry everyday! The dosage of the product can be increased gradually starting with small quantities initially.

The health and happiness of the mother of the house is of utmost importance for the well being and smooth functioning of a family. Just add this medicinal root to your diet to reap the benefits of a healthy life!

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