Effects of Pollution

What Care Are You Taking For The Rising Pollution Levels?

Smoke, smog, adulterated air etc. have become terms commonly used today. Reason? Pollution! And I need not mention how and why has the pollution increased tremendously since the past few years. And there seems to be no stopping to it. Side-Effects of Pollution The air pollution has increased as much as to be fatal. The death rates due to ambient Read More

Effects of Pollution

Nullify the Effects of Pollution with Pollutamin- PM2.5

The air that we inhale nowadays is totally polluted and has a lot of pollutants like exhaust particles, nitrogen oxide, particulate matter etc. All this goes in to our lungs and leads to harmful effects by attacking our immune system and cells. Free radicals are produced and they lead to inflammation being caused. In places like Delhi and other metropolitan Read More

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