air pollution

Air Pollution is causing Airborne Diseases

Coughing, sneezing, upper respiratory infection, running nose, etc. These can be the symptoms of allergy due to pollution.

With the advancement science has made, our globe is becoming more prone to pollution. Cutting down of such a large number of trees, smoke emitted by industries (which are increasing every day), more reliability on machines like vehicles, etc, are few of the many reasons. We humans have become the culprit and the victim of pollution at the same time. THIS IS ALARMING!

People coming out for morning walks with their masks on have become a common sight, especially in metro cities. Pollution has reached (or rather crossed) a level beyond which, it would start affecting the health of the humans. More and more people are becoming patients of Asthma, Bronchitis, lung infection, and many other pollution-based diseases.

Symptoms Of Allergy

  • Sudden coughing or sneezing when exposed to air. Might be dry coughing.
  • Running nose
  • Stuffy nose
  • Headache
  • Difficulty in breathing

We believe in becoming a part of the solution and not pollution. Hence, Pollutamin-PM2.5 has been introduced after much of the research, and experiments were done. Curcumin (the ingredient of turmeric, Curcuma longa) based this anti-allergic helps in relieving pollution borne diseases. The therapeutic effects of turmeric towards the lungs and other respiratory disorders are not new. Curcumin, the ingredient of Turmeric, is the cause of the therapeutic effect. Pollutamin-PM2.5 contains the right levels of curcumin needed to kick the air pollution based disorders.

Why Pollutamin-PM2.5?

  • You CAN’T control pollution in a day, and you know it.
  • Small allergies can lead to major chronic disorders.
  • Allergy can be developed anytime in life. You might not be born with it.
  • Pollutamin-PM2.5 would not only cure but would also curb any allergic diseases. (Prevention is better than cure, even a child knows!)
  • Diseases like Asthma start with allergies!

Polluted air is full of viruses and bacteria’s which cause allergic infection. These bacteria’s may be of different types. The antibacterial and antiviral properties of curcumin help your body fight these allergens, naturally. Curcumin holds anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, both beneficial in airborne diseases. Anything that helps in treating chronic inflammation not only prevents but cures the diseases.

What Is Pollutamin-PM2.5?

Pollutamin-PM2.5 is exclusively developed to cure the diseases caused due to air pollution. Turmeric is good for such airborne infections, you know. But organically developed and processed product containing the exact amount of curcumin needed is even better. Pollutamin-PM2.5 it is! It is free from any types of any chemicals or chemical-based fertilizers. At Bagdara Farms it’s made sure that each turmeric module is far off from any chemical fertilizer touching it.

Why Is Pollutamin-PM2.5 Safe?

 In a world full of adulteration, we know it’s a little difficult to trust anything. Then why trust Pollutamin-PM2.5? Well, we don’t ask you to trust us but to believe the formula of our forefathers. They knew the hidden magical power of turmeric. It had never been just a spice to add color but a boon to add to your good health. Organically developed, processed, and packaged this product is something we can swear by. It is research and scientific experiments done by experts who have proved the therapeutic effects of this product.

We understand how difficult it is to combat pollution and related problems with the type of lifestyle we deal today. We aren’t sure of the air we breathe in and the environment we live in. Smoke and other industrial wastes took away the freshness of the air long back. It will be a little bit difficult to kill pollution. Even if we do, there’s a long time to go! Till then we can rely on such natural turmeric-based products which our ancestors have always banked upon.

Until we fight pollution completely, let Pollutamin-PM2.5 be your bae!

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