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A friend of mine suffered from a terrible sleep disorder known as sleep apnea. Just the description of what her body went through as a result of this condition was eerie and distressing, to say the very least.

Those who suffer from sleep apnea know that when they are supposedly sound asleep, their body is going through a series of spasms during which their breathing stops for a bit and then starts again.

Sleep apnea may occur in three forms:

1) The Cause of Obstructive sleep apnea is when the throat muscles begin to relax at night causing the airways to narrow down and eventually close up when you breathe in. This leads to a dip in the oxygen content in your blood which triggers temporary loss of consciousness.

2) Central sleep apnea happens as a result of the brain’s inability to send signals to the muscles responsible for maintaining proper breathing.

3) The third kind of sleep apnea is known as complex sleep apnea and is a dangerous medley of the above two forms.

 The most common signs of any kind of sleep apnea are:

1) Very loud snoring

2) Brief periods of seizing to breathe while asleep

3) Waking up due to difficulty in breathing

4) Waking up with a scratchy sore throat and a dry mouth

5) Experiencing a headache right after waking up in the morning

6) Feeling exhausted even after having slept the whole night

7) Feeling irritable and unable to concentrate

Sleep apnea is a big problem for those who lead hectic lives and need to be at the top of their game throughout the day.

As sleep apnea disrupts your quality of sleep by keeping you away from reaching the deep and peaceful sleep phases, it leads to a feeling of extreme exhaustion even though you might have slept through the night. Sleep apnea causes a plethora of health problems.

Some of these are:

1) Sleep apnea causes the oxygen level in the blood to drop over and over again at night. This puts a lot of pressure on the cardiovascular system. This leads to a heightened risk of strokes, heart attacks, abnormal heartbeats, and hypertension

2) People who suffer from sleep apnea also run the risk of developing a resistance to insulin faster than others. This causes Type2 diabetes.

3) Sleep apnea promotes liver damage too. Liver cirrhosis is a more significant threat to such people.

How can Curcumin Help You Get Rid of Sleep Apnea?

Curcumin is Nature’s gift to those who have trouble sleeping due to any physical or mental condition. A natural phytochemical found in turmeric, curcumin is one of the most lauded substances when it comes to naturopathy.

Some benefits of curcumin for those suffering from sleep apnea are as follows:

  1. Curcumin is one of the most popular natural anti-inflammatory agents. This is why it helps in reducing the constriction and swelling of the airways in case of obstructive sleep apnea thus allowing the patient to sleep peacefully. When consumed with milk and honey, curcumin has an even better effect since honey acts as a lubricant for the dry throat syndrome that most sleep apnea patients have and milk promotes sleep too since it contains amino acid tryptophan which helps one sleep better.
  2. Curcumin also helps in treating heavy snoring by clearing the nasal passages. It is a fantastic expectorant and helps relieve congestion of the respiratory tract thus allowing the patient to breathe better and as a result, sleep better too.
  3. Curcumin helps in detoxifying our liver by helping it flush out all the toxins that enter the body from the environment and the food we eat. These toxins build up in the body over time and create free radicals that in turn cause oxidative stress which exacerbates sleeplessness and sleeps apnea.
  4. Regular consumption of curcumin also helps in elevating a person’s mood. As we all know, a sleep-deprived person is more vulnerable to anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. Curcumin promotes the release of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine that relax the body and the mind thus preventing stress and anxiety.

Soja-a is a supplement offered by a unique venture that goes by the name of Bagdara Farms. The people at Bagdara have dedicated their lives to the cultivation of curcumin that is so pure that it can be consumed by all kinds of people – the old, the young, the hypersensitive ones, the ones with low immunity, etc.

Exclusively using organic techniques of farming helps the farmers here ensure that not an iota of chemical residue gets added to their product.

Soja-a is a supplement made using this very curcumin and is specially crafted for those who have trouble sleeping either due to sleep apnea or stress or any other physical or mental conditions.

Try Soja-a with a cup of warm milk, a dollop of honey, and a dash of black pepper, and feel your body relax and slip into dreamland.


  1. My husband is a very loud snorer. This is creating a rift between the two of us especially since we both have demanding jobs and his snoring does not allow me to sleep well at night, making me irritable and less productive the following day. Even he feels quite fatigued and irritable the following day and so, we end up fighting a lot. Can curcumin help him get rid of his snoring and sleep better?

    1. Inflammation in the nasal airways is one of the most common reasons behind snoring. Curcumin has very strong anti-inflammatory effects that help dilate these airways by soothing the inflammation within. This action allows the person to breathe better and therefore sleep better. Curcumin is also an expectorant that relieves congestion, thus clearing the nose and making breathing an easier task. Aside from all the respiratory benefits that lead to a good night’s sleep, curcumin triggers the production of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin that calm the mind and the body and hence slowly lull you to sleep. Give your husband a blend of Soja-a and warm milk with a pinch of pepper at night, a few hours before your intended bedtime. The effects should be visible within a couple of weeks.

  2. My roommate in college and best buddy had this habit of snoring very loudly and suddenly wake up with a loud snort and fall back to sleep again as if he was being choked. We didnt understand this then and made a lot of fun. Later, he told us that he is suffering from a condition called sleep apnea which must mot be taken lightly as it can affect the functioning of the body in the long run. Who knew that my younger brother would suffer from the same health condition years later. I immediately sprang into action to find out some natural ways of controlling it as my brother was already on some medicine for seizures. I came across Soja- a and bought it for my brother. He has been taking it for two months and his condition is better but has scope for more improvement which we are sure will come through regular use of Soja- a

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