Keloids Cure with Selfieme-10x

Skin is the largest organ in the body and performs many important functions like protection against harmful microorganisms and maintaining the body temperature. When there is an abrasion or injury on the skin, a layer of fibrous tissue is formed over the wound to protect and repair the injury. This leads to the formation of keloids.

What is Keloids

Medically, keloids can be defined as pink coloured, firm, irritated bumps which are often itchy. Many studies also say that it is a consequence of an abnormal scar formation. It generally appears in people with darker skin tones but can also occur in all skin types. They mostly occur on the shoulders, earlobes, chest and cheeks.

Keloids are the Overgrowth of Scarred Tissue and have the Following Symptoms:

  • An itchy patch of skin
  • Lumpy area of the skin that is generally raised
  • An area on the skin that grows larger along with the scar over a period of time.

They are larger than the original wound and may take weeks or months to fully develop. Though keloids are not harmful to the health, they can cause irritation, tenderness and discomfort from any kind of friction like rubbing against the clothes etc. In some of the rare cases, keloid scarring can be seen on major parts of the body and when they harden the tight tissues can lead to restriction of movement.

Some alterations in the cellular signals that are in charge of the proliferation and inflammation can also be related to the formation of keloids. It is not commonly seen in elderly and adults.  Moreover, sun tanning can lead to darkening and discolouration of the scar tissue making the keloid stand out more. This makes the individual more conscious of the looks.

As mentioned above, keloid is nothing but skin injury gone bad.

Some of the Causes of Keloid Formation are as follows;

  • Burn marks
  • Chickenpox scars
  • Acne marks
  • Scratches on the skin
  • Piercing of earlobes, nose
  • Sites of vaccine and surgical incision

Medical research has also shown that people with keloids also have a genetic disposition to it.  A certain gene called AHNAK plays an important role in deciding if one has a tendency to develop keloids or not. Keloids are benign but at times, the uncontrolled growth could be a sign of skin cancer.

One of the natural remedies for keloids can be the regular application of curcumin paste. Curcumin has great anti-inflammatory properties which can heal keloids to a large extent. Selfieme-10X has the pure curcumin content with high percentage. Thus, use Selfieme-10X to cure Keloids naturally.

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  1. Keloids can be an ugly site and I had a huge one on my back. I sued to shy away from wearing deep back tops and blouses because of this. A lot of creams and lotions were used but all in vain. I had lost all hopes of getting rid of it ever! After seeing an ad for Glowsy from Bagdara Farms on on the social media sites, I thought of giving it a shot as the reviews for this product sounded quite promising. There was no miraculous healing or disappearance of the keloid but yes it did become lighter by many shades and I was little comfortable with the nice blouses.

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