Felaxtrone- A for female fertility

Most women are born with some degree of maternal instincts that develop over time and create an unrelenting desire to have children and raise them with infinite love and care. Unfortunately, though, not all women are able to fulfill such a need. Infertility amongst women has become an increasingly common problem all over the world. Many scientists attribute this hike in the inability to conceive to increasing levels of stress complemented by unhealthy lifestyle choices. One of the most common fallouts of leading a fast-paced life that leaves no time for exercising, whipping up healthy meals, or even spending a relaxed few hours with no problems to worry about, is chronic, low-grade inflammation that sets in gradually and eats into the reproductive abilities of both men and women.

In the case of women, long-lasting inflammation can lead to infertility as it breaks down the cells and tissues that constitute the reproductive organs like the ovaries, the fallopian tubes and, the eggs as well. Chronic inflammation may also be an indication of an autoimmune disorder that prompts the body’s immune system to attack its own healthy cells as if they are disease-causing pathogens. Such a condition has also been linked to infertility in women. Conditions that include Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and endometriosis are underlying causes of chronic inflammation that eventually leads to infertility. In fact, even common problems like PMS or a miscarriage can trigger low-grade inflammation in the body that refuses to subside. In addition to all this, elevated oxidative stress has emerged as one of the contributing factors for internal inflammation and subsequent infertility.

So, keeping in light the kind of lives urban women lead these days, what is an effective natural remedy that can curb chronic inflammation and reverse infertility without unleashing a slew of side effects? The answer is very simple and it lies inside that jar of turmeric that sits pretty on your spice shelf –  turmeric. Curcumin, a polyphenolic pigment that gives turmeric that fantastic yellow hue, has been known for its therapeutic qualities for centuries.

In case of chronic inflammation that leads to female infertility too, curcumin can be of immense benefit. Regular consumption of a supplement that contains pure, organic curcumin, can help tone down and eventually get rid of the internal inflammation that plagues your body, making it difficult for you to conceive. It is important though to select a supplement that can guarantee the purity of the curcumin used in it.

One such supplement is Felaxtrone-A. A one-of-a-kind formula that is created especially for female needs, Felaxtrone-A is the brainchild of the folks at Bagdara Farms.  Stretched across the fertile belt that falls in between the Bandhavgarh Forests in Madhya Pradesh, Bagdara Farms has an idyllic setting. In the peaceful environs of this beautiful farmland grows curcumin that is of the highest possible quality. Using this high-grade curcumin, Felaxtrone-A is made so that it can cure female infertility and help all those women who have been yearning for a baby.

Felaxtrone-A and its curcumin enriched formula can help reverse female infertility as it has the following qualities:

  1. Anti-inflammatory – Curcumin has very strong anti-inflammatory properties that help promote the anti-inflammatory pathways in the body by inhibiting the activity of pro-inflammatory enzymes like nuclear factor kappa b. By exerting these effects internally, Felaxtrone-A helps in bringing down the level of chronic inflammation, therefore, making conception an easier task.
  2. Antioxidant – Curcumin has amazing antioxidant effects on the body. It helps in striking a healthy balance between pro-oxidants and antioxidants in the body, thus reducing oxidative stress. As a result, the reproductive system functions much better than before.
  3. Anti-microbial – Curcumin possesses a vast range of anti-microbial properties that help in dealing with pathogen-induced reproductive system infections. Such infections are the top-most reason behind chronic inflammation and resulting infertility. Chlamydia and gonorrhoea are some examples of these infections. Curcumin can help clear such diseases quickly and restore a woman’s fertility too.

If you too have been trying to conceive unsuccessfully for over a year, order your jar of Felaxtrone-A today and never look back again!

3 thoughts on “Female Infertility – How Chronic Internal Inflammation Is A Key Culprit

  1. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was in my late teens and my life hasnt been the same after that. Weight gain, facial hair and irregular periods can be quite damaging to one’ s self confidence and that’s what happened to me too. I was slowly going into depression and had horrible mood swings. My mom then got Felaxtrone as a last resort. As miraculous as it sounds, it worked like magic for me. The cysts in my ovary are under control as per the latest USG report. Great news!

  2. I was way past the conventional reproductive age at 37 years and was starting to get worried about my ability to have kids. My worst nightmare came true when my gynae told me that one of my fallopian tubes was blocked due to some kind of infection. I had antibiotics for a month but didnt get much relief from the pain nor did my fertility levels seem to get better. My sister then came across Felaxtrone and I immediately started using it. After using it for good couple of months, I went for a recheck up and the tests showed that the block was slowly getting cleared. I cant wait to start a family now!

  3. Battling painful periods right from the time when they first started is no joke. The pain, nausea, loose motions and vomitting can be very debilitating. I have been battling endometriosis for a long time. I am the only one in my family who has this severe a condition. Life would revolve around the period dates and I used to be petrified of those days. The moment it started, I had to pop in an antiinflammatory and pain killer tablet. Then my best friend suggested Felaxtrone-A and withing i guess two months of using it, I could feel the decrease in the symptoms. I wont say that they have altogether disappeared but the intensity is definitely less. i am sure it will be a thing of the past in the coming months with its regular use.

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