Oncomin works to treat apoptosis naturally

The human bodies possess the capacity to heal itself, in a way it is constantly monitoring and adjusting its own process. Each part of the body has its own way of being alive, intelligent and fundamentally independent. It’s important to note that human body has its own way of renewing itself, discard the old cells and regenerate the new ones. We just have to be a little kind to it, in terms of how we treat it, by following a lifestyle, the body is able to understand and sustain.

What is apoptosis?

  • Apoptosis is the death of a cell and this process is also termed as cell suicide. This process is triggered when the cell stops receiving hormones and proteins needed for its survival, when it is deemed nonfunctional or sustains enough damage to stop functioning properly.
  • So, apoptosis basically is programmed cell death, is a process that occurs naturally in our body, it comprises of steps in which cells signal self-termination.
  • Apoptosis works to keep the body’s natural cell division process of mitosis in check.
  • Cells which get damaged or undergo some kind of infection, in order to prevent the healthy cells from getting damaged, the process of apoptosis, does the needful of pushing out the infected cell.
  • This programmed cellular death aids in fighting cancer, by thwarting and controlling the cells from growing uncontrollably.
  • Apoptosis is a complex process, which involves many pathways; however some types of cancers persist as a result of cells inability to undergo apoptosis. Certain viruses initiate the production of proteins that stops apoptosis from occurring.
  • For this the apoptosis has to be induced externally, either medicinally by the way of chemotherapy or in many cases using herbs, which have been produced in the purest of ways. Of course a medical examination and word of caution from the doctor must be exercised.

Have you heard of Oncomin?

Oncomin is a thoroughly studied and especially crafted product from Bagdara Farms, to reassure you, that Mother Nature never fails you, when it comes to looking after your health. The prodigious and high amount of curcumin present in Oncomin, acts on the immanent apoptotic  pathway and thus does the needful in the most natural way, without causing side effects.

How does Oncomin work to treat apoptosis?

  • The first and foremost prime reason is, Oncomin is free of deleterious side effects, it’s safe, simple to use, easily available and of course economical.
  • The rich curcumin found in Oncomin, inserts deep into the cellular membrane, thus has a direct effect on apoptosis by increasing the permeabilizing activity of the apoptotic protein Bid.
  • Oncomin, by the virtue of being abundant in curcumin, has shown signs of suppressing multiple signaling pathways and significantly inhibits cell proliferation, invasion, metastasis and angiogenesis.
  • Oncomin with all the power of the magical curcumin, directly or indirectly regulates various genes convoluted in cell death pathways that promotes the process of apoptosis.
  • Oncomin is instrumental at modulating growth of tumor cells, through regulation of multiple cell signaling pathways including cell proliferation pathway, cell survival pathway, tumor suppressor pathway, death receptor pathway etc. It’s amazing to know, that curcumin present in this excellent product selectively kills tumor cells and not the normal cells, hence ensuring our good health naturally.
  • The anti-carcinogenic, plethora of anti-inflammatory and anti-proliferative properties of Oncomin, all target the dead cells from inducing any harmful effects on the rest of the body which is untouched and healthy. All these properties inhibit the tumor initiation and tumor promotion.
  • The multiple pharmacological properties present in Oncomin, due to its innate nature being the golden herb turmeric’s phytochemcial curcmin, is the best adjuvant therapy for invoking apoptosis.
  • Oncomin down regulates expression of stat3 and phospho-Stat3 proteins, as well as genes that encode anti-apoptotic signals; in simple words it alleviates cellular signals that under ordinary circumstances prevent malignant cells from going in the state of apoptosis.

Is there more reasons, a lay man would want to know as to why you should include Oncomin as a part of your integral routine? I guess, the simple facts above are enough to motivate us to make this unembellished chemically, otherwise highly puissant product member of our lives, to ensure good health naturally.

Click here for more details : https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29301415

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