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The old axiom, “Life is in the breath, he who half breathes, half-lives” is true even today, probably more so now than when it was coined.

The air we breathe in today is full of so many harmful germs, viruses, bacteria and toxic fumes that our health is always at risk.

Breathing is what keeps us going, it is that keeps the body engine lubricated, so if this process is hampered in any way, our health takes the worst hit.

You might have any kind of breathing problem but a better understanding helps you take control, which is vital for living an active and productive life.

Breathing problems could be set off because of varied reasons; some people have difficulty breathing when they catch a cold while others may find it difficult to breathe due to bouts of acute sinusitis.

Sinusitis makes it difficult to breathe through the nose for a week or two till the inflammation dies or recedes and the sinuses begin to drain out.

When You Have Breathing Disorders You Are Generally Short Of Breath Which Could Be Brought On By:

  • Lung problems like asthma and chronic pulmonary disease.
  • Heart problem like cardiovascular disease and heart failure.

You Might Also Feel Shortness Of Breath Due To:

  • Infection of the airways like croup, pneumonia, flu and even common cold.
  • Infection related to fever.
  • Chronic muscular and neurological problems.

Many Breathing Problems Are Chronic Like:

  • Sinusitis
  • Asthma
  • Allergies

The nasal passage is a pathway for viruses and allergens to enter your lungs, thus making the nose and sinuses the cause of many lung disorders.

The inflammation of the nasal passage or sinus may trigger reflexes and cause asthma.

COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) can lead to emphysema and chronic bronchitis.

Tuberculosis, lung cancer, pneumonia and lung related disease brought on by HIV/AIDS can also lead to breathing problems.

Breathing disorders doesn’t just trouble you while you are awake they also trouble you in sleep.

Disorders That Obstruct Your Breathing While Sleeping Are Called Sleep Related Breathing Disorders.

  • Obstructive sleep apnea makes you stop breathing while asleep due to obstruction in the airway, this makes you snore loudly or make choking sounds till you begin to breathe normally.
  • Central sleep apnea makes you stop or slow down breathing in an on and off cycle. This is generally related to brain or heart problem rather than obstruction in the airways.
  • Snoring

When you are plagued by these problems and signs, do not panic as Bagdara Farms have just the product for you, named Asthumin.

Asthumin from Bagdara Farms is 100% organic armed with the pharmacological properties of Curcumin to ensure that all your breathing problems vanish without a trace and you can breathe easy.

Asthumin is 100% organic, free of insecticides and pesticides, manufactured under the strictest and cleanest of environment to ensure that the purity and potency of the product is never compromised.

The anti-oxidant property of curcumin kills free radicals that may cause obstruction of the airways helping you breathe freely.

Curcumin in Asthumin has therapeutic properties and is a phytochemical with a wide range of protective power to help in COPD ( chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) which regulates your breathing.

Scientific studies have shown that Curcumin has pharmacological, anti-tumoral and wound healing properties, which makes it a potent weapon against COPD.

Curcumin in Asthumin is a potent anti-inflammatory, which alleviates the symptoms preventing the situation from worsening.

  • Inflammation is generally at the root of all health problems and it has been confirmed that asthma is brought on by inflammation of airways, which leads to breathing problems.
  • Curcumin’s efficacy in reducing and inhibiting inflammation reduces and ameliorates breathing problems.
  • Asthumin is Curcumin enriched and nature’s powerful anti-inflammatory agent thus attacking the cause of inflation in the airways (the most common cause of most lung diseases.
  • The anti-inflammatory property of Curcumin in Asthumin obviates symptoms of bronchitis such as wheezing and shortness of breath.
  • The anti-inflammatory property of Curcumin in Asthumin checks inflammation of sinuses giving relief from acute sinusitis.
  • Curcumin in Asthumin is an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant anti-septic, which strengthens the immunity system. As Curcumin boosts the immune system it enhances the lung health making our body functions better and stronger.

To fight all these problems order your very own bottle of Asthumin by Bagdara Farms.

The Best Way To Take Asthumin:

  • Add ½ teaspoon Asthumin, a pinch of black pepper (enhances absorption), and 1 teaspoon salt and boil in 1 cup of water. Consume twice daily.

A word of caution, even though Asthumin is 100% organic it is advisable to proceed with caution and begin with a smaller dosage and increase gradually.

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16 thoughts on “Breathing in good health & happy life with best organic curcumin

  1. What is the percentage of curcumin inyour medicine . Can you send to Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. What is the cost

  2. I am a COPD patient in 3rd stage, the medicine Asthumin. What is Asthumin, is it taken from Turmeric. Please explain, also tell how to take and cost.

    1. Hi Bangaru Raju
      The product is an organic supplement made of turmeric and it is mentioned on the website. It helps with prevention and care of stomach cancer and is an alternate therapy. All this and other info is given on our website on the following link We tried to talk to you but you have not even used the supplement and have made your mind just comparing it with normal turmeric. The curcumin percentage is much higher. Hope you give it another thought and use the product.

    1. Hello Balinder
      The exact composition is curcuma longa, also known as curcumin found in turmeric. Advantages of curcumin in turmeric can only be effective if the percentage of curcumin is high, which is from 11-19%, whereas in ordinary turmeric curcumin percentage is 1 or less than 1%. For more help with info, you can reach us on +91 9560254646 or you can send us your number and we will contact you.

  3. Hi I am Rajesh from Ghaziabad.I am facing two issues and both are linked within each other.First issue is my Blood oxygen level is ranging from 89 to 93 in variations which should not be less than 98.Second is I used to smoke but now I have left and I used to take cold things because of which Asthma touch has started So any time seasonal impact makes me problems in breathing.Please let me know what will be the best medicine for me which will solve my both problems.Thanks

    1. Hi Rajesh Gurtoo, thank you for writing to us. We can recommend 2 products for you, Asthumin and Turmflu. They can be taken simultaneously. We would need to connect on call to understand the problem better and to give you correct guidance. You can view all details from the following links and you can also call us on +91 9560254646 or share your number with us and our team will assist you.

    1. Hi A Uma. Thank you for your query. You can use our supplement Asthumin with your ongoing treatment. It will have no side-effects and will surely give you relief from COPD and associated symptoms. You can view all details from the following link and you can also call us on +91 9560254646 or share your number with us and our team will assist you. We look forward to hearing from you.

  4. I m diagnosed with IPF , IN OCT LAST 2018 and treatment of FIBRODONE tab 200 mg 3+3+3 .is your therapy beneficial ?

    1. Hi Rajiv,

      Thank you for writing to us. We have a product Asthumin which we can recommend to you. Our organic supplement is made of curcumin, the biochemical found in turmeric. It has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial & numerous other pharmacological properties which will help with treating the causes, symptoms and side-effects caused due to idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) and helps in reviving the lost lung capacity and makes lungs healthy. The inflammation and oxidative damage caused to the lungs has to be nullified and curcumin enriched Asthumin can help you with that.

      This product has to be consumed twice daily and topical application for the same on the chest area will provide a lot of relief and will speed up the recovery process. You can also do steam inhalation with the same powder. You can view all details from the following link or you can call us on +91 84486 34635 for more details or if you need help with ordering.

      Our product is 100% organic therapy and has no side-effects. We look forward to hearing from you.

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