Health & beauty benefits by fresh turmeric

Of late, there has been a lot of research and studies conducted on the yellow spice in our kitchens, Turmeric. There are articles in magazines and newspapers and the internet is full of them which prove that this miracle spice is the find of the century in combating diseases and to maintain health and wellness in life.

Do you know that this herb is been a part of our lives since when?

  • It is not recently that this golden spice has been found to be so beneficial. Rather, the fact that its therapeutic and has pharmacological properties have been known to people since times immemorial. But, recently, it definitely has been put on a pedestal and rightly so, since its qualities are umpteen.
  • This king spice, has been a constituent of Ayurvedic medicines and also gave bounty of beauty to the royal queens. Even for healing wounds, the ancient Hakims made use of turmeric paste and packs. Right from finding vast use in culinary dishes to healing and myriad other properties; there is no doubt that this spice has amazing versatility.
  • Fresh turmeric is extracted from the root of the plant called Curcuma longa. It comes from the ginger family and is a rhizome. It has many minerals like Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Potassium and is rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin B6 among others.

Let us list some of the advantages that this phenomenal yellow root has:

  • Culinary uses:

(a) Our Fresh turmeric adds tons of aroma and flavor to Indian curries and other dishes. Now all over the world, the goodness and flavor of this aromatic herb has been realized. This is the reason chefs are making more and more use of it.

(b) It gives earthy flavours to international dishes. The delectable colour that it grants to curries makes them even more appealing and attractive.

(c) Fresh turmeric can also be added to banana smoothies and other health drinks to make them healthier and boost the immune system.

(d) The latest use of turmeric is in tea bags in which it is added to make them healthier. This is a better option rather than having caffeinated coffee or tea.

(e) Consuming salads with a dash of turmeric will also make them more flavorful and a healthy choice for staying fit and maintaining good health.

  • Health Benefits

(a) Studies have shown the positive effects that curcumin in turmeric has the potential to lessen the effects of the degenerative disease like Alzheimer’s.

(b) Health of your liver and heart can be improved with the help of curcumin.

(c) Being anti-inflammatory, fresh turmeric also finds great use to heal wounds, cuts and bruises as well.

(d) Caught the flu? Well, no need to worry. Just have curcumin enriched turmeric in your diet either with warm water and milk and your flu will vanish in just a day or two.

(e) The spread of cancer can also be minimized with the help of curcumin and restore a healthy body.

(f) Curcumin soothes the nerves and improves the functioning of the central nervous system.

(g) Troubles of the digestive tract like irritable bowel movement, heartburn, etc can be combated with the help of this amazing pharmacological spice.

(h) Since it is rich in vitamin C, it helps to strengthen your gums and also helps to reduce the pain associated with periods in women.

(i) Arthritis can also be addressed with the help of the curcumin content of fresh turmeric and it aids in relieving patients of joint pains.

  • Beauty Benefits

(a) Fresh turmeric gives your skin an even tone and perfect glow. At Bagdara Farms, we have many products that can give you the flawless skin that you have always wanted.

(b) Its anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties also protect your skin from infections and therefore, make it an integral part of the beauty regime.

(c) It slows down the process of ageing and this quality makes it the most preferred spice for defying age and having a vibrant skin with a fabulous glow.

These are all the points that show the amazing benefits that curcumin in fresh turmeric can provide you with. Bagdara Farms is your go to place to get the purest form of turmeric made with organic processes that will give you all the health and beauty benefits of this wonder spice.

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