Well the thought of ageing does overwhelm us; this thought is capable enough to give us sleepless nights. Ageing changes our outlook, the way we think, behave, accept the society or get accepted by the society. Ageing simply doesn’t mean a few wrinkles here and there and decline in our youth, it’s much more. Little do we realize that it’s our brain that’s ageing too, our command centre, that does so much thinking for our  life span, is also bearing the brunt of our growing year’s. The brain experiences certain changes as the neurons cannot remain functionally competent for over a 100 years. The structural and functional changes that occur in the brain with ageing is known as  brain ageing .  This condition is characterized by memory loss and brain shrinkage. The cognitive ability starts deteriorating with age. The person losses the ability to think, react, remember and even talk or walk properly. The oxidative stress to a certain extent is responsible for the ageing brain along with obesity and production of inflammatory cytokines, along with many other reasons which are responsible for the ageing brain. Effective and natural measures can delay the onset and hence you can enjoy a healthy and a happy old age.

Turmeric, the most revered spice since centuries has been the most loved and a popular member of our kitchen cabinet. Turmeric is surely a super herb and it surely has proved its might with abundant anti- inflammatory, anti-biotic and many more potencies, to the rather impressive list of therapeutic properties. Its cancer inhibiting properties, its association for toning down the excruciating condition of arthritis and plethora of benefits it holds for the brain have left the world asking for more of this natural herb. So, what is the specialty ingredient of this product? Well! It’s the amazing bio-active curcumin that ingrains the magical health property in this popular herb.

Nuramin from Bagdara Farms has been formulated to ensure that this vital organ stays healthy, naturally and organically. This wonder product from the lap of nature improves cognitive function and memory. When we start ageing, we experience problems in remembering things and when it gets worse, we don’t even remember familiar faces. The bio-active curcumin in Nuramin enhances the cognitive function and gives a boost to the depleting memory.  The neuroprotective agents in the specially crafted Nuramin, inhibits lipid per oxidation, prevents neuro inflammation and oxidative stress. The powerful properties in this special formulation obviate the accumulation of beta amyloid in the brain. Depression is significant due to decline in the cognitive function, the anti-depressant properties in the curcumin rich Nuramin, proves beneficial to combat or delay the condition of ageing brain. Obesity is closely associated with neuro degenerative disorders and decline in cognitive functions, curcumin in Nuramin; a polyphenolic compound has the potential to reduce obesity. A modest addition of only 1 tbsp in your daily diet can keep you healthy and happy forever. So, don’t wait for ailments to surround you, get yourself your share of Nuramin today.

Click here for more details:  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28785217

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