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“Inflammation” is a  common phenomenon experienced by people of all ages. This is the manifestation which of the newfound modern epidemic in our body systems that is taking a heavy toll on our health. The issue being addressed now is the inflammation that accrues from following a diet that is ‘poor’. This includes foods that are rich in sugars which are refined, foods that are synthetically processed, low-quality meats, and gluten. The resultant state of consistent inflammation weakens our bodies and thus, our immune systems thereby making us vulnerable to getting ill and making us aged at a faster rate than normal.

A convenient way to restrict inflammation and greatly enhance our immune system is to include turmeric in our diets.  There are various ways of using turmeric to prepare so many tonics. Mentioned below are certain meaningful healthy tonics that can be prepared using turmeric to keep the body in an optimal state.

Prepare these Healthy Turmeric Tonics Daily To Keep Healthy

Delicious Turmeric Tonic – Create this delicious and healthy tonic which would be an ideal start to the day. This root, which is bright orange in appearance, is a potent medicine possessing anti-inflammatory properties.  In case of non-availability of the fresh root, it can be substituted by turmeric powder. Take two tablespoons of grated fresh turmeric which is equivalent to about a teaspoon of turmeric powder,  two cups coconut water, one tablespoon of grated fresh ginger, a medium-size carrot, a tablespoon of raw honey, one tablespoon of lemon /orange juice, and a pinch of black pepper and cinnamon powder and put all these ingredients in a blender and blend until the paste is smooth. The drink could be had as it is or even strained if deemed necessary.

Turmeric Cold and Flu Tonic – To counter a cold and fight flu, a tonic can be made using fresh turmeric which enhances immunity, ginger, and citrus fruits that are rich in vitamin C. The basic ingredients to prepare this tonic are one-fourth cup of fresh ginger root or a tablespoon of dried fresh turmeric powder, one tablespoon of a dried orange powder, a lemon peeled, honey, and ghee/coconut oil along with some water.

Ginger turmeric tonic – This invigorating and colourful drink provides the much needed ‘zing’. The everyday morning coffee could easily be switched with this revitalizing turmeric tonic. Pour in a glass, two teaspoons of turmeric powder, four teaspoons of raw ginger powder, a couple of teaspoons of lemon juice, a teaspoon of honey, and one-third cup of water and stir vigorously. Add a sprinkling of black pepper to taste and have it.

Healing turmeric tonic – Pour a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice over a teaspoon of raw honey and mix. As soon as the honey dissolved in the lemon juice, add turmeric and a dash of cayenne pepper. Stir thoroughly and enjoy this fresh turmeric tonic.

We would always want to start our morning routine with one of the above-mentioned tonics. This may be either to be in good health and shape or even when feeling ‘under the weather’.These tonics have indeed induced a good-feel factor in one and all.

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