Toenail fungus cure

Toenail Fungus effect on health

While fungal growth that invades your toenails may not be something that is worth breaking a sweat over, it does warrant some medical attention. This is primarily because an unattended fungal growth can cause nail discoloration which can make your feet look quite unappealing.

Furthermore, when such an infection grows unchecked, it ends up affecting the nail in such a way that it begins detaching itself from its seat. Such a situation can be painful and uncomfortable, to say the very least.

Toenail Fungus can also spread to other parts of the body

Fungal infections are also infamous for spreading very quickly to adjoining parts of the body and so, if toenail fungus is not treated on time, it may engulf other parts of the foot too. Taking care of such fungal growth is all the more important for those suffering from diabetes or a defective immune system because otherwise, they may start developing sores that are difficult to heal. Several conventional methods to manage toenail fungus are available in the market.

Way to Combat Toenail Fungus Available in Market

  1. Topical Ointments – Medicated creams that claim to clear fungal growth are readily available in pharmacies. However, these products are usually slow-acting and take several months to clear an acute infection.
  2. Oral Medications – In the case of very severe infections, some prescription medications are suggested by physicians. While these drugs tend to heal toenail fungus faster, they can cause liver damage and are, therefore, not liberally prescribed.
  3. Nail Excision – If your nail is beyond redemption as a result of very aggressive fungal growth, your physician may even recommend removing the entire nail to avoid further damage.

How to get rid of toenail fungus fast and naturally

Aside from all the options mentioned above, many people swear by natural remedies that can help clear up fungal growth. From using vapor to mouthwash to white vinegar and tea tree oil, people opt for various non-drug remedies to help get rid of at least the superficial infections. One of the most popular and most effective amongst these is curcumin therapy.

Why turmeric good for toenail fungus

A polyphenolic pigment found in turmeric, curcumin is a fantastic therapeutic agent as it has the ability to battle a variety of illnesses and produce unbelievable results that are often comparable to prescription drugs. In the case of fungal growth too, curcumin has many positive effects.

Here are some ways in which curcumin can clear off toenail fungus in a jiffy:

  1. Anti-Fungal properties – Fluconazole, a commonly prescribed anti-fungal ointment, was compared with curcumin to test the strength of curcumin when it comes to fighting fungal growth. It was found that curcumin was in fact much better at inhibiting the growth of toenail fungus than Fluconazole!
  2. Can Reverse Drug Resistance – In some cases where the toenail fungus is too stubborn and refuses to respond to topical or oral medication, the application of curcumin can help sensitize the microbes to the drugs again, making it easier for the medication to fight the growth.
  3. Stops The Fungus From Growing – Local application of curcumin paste on the area affected by the fungal infection helps in containing it and ensuring that it does not move on to other parts of the foot.

How Bagdara farms turmeric has so many Pharmacological properties of medical turmeric

Solecare, a curcumin enriched supplement created by Bagdara Farms, is one of the most effective natural treatments for toenail fungus. Located in the lap of nature, the Bagdara farmland benefits hugely from the rich, fertile soil that it shares with the lush green Bandhavgarh forests. Bagdara Farms is a unique agricultural venture that focuses on cultivating high quality, organic curcumin that is eventually used to make supplements to manage a range of health conditions.

Curcumin based supplement for toenail fungus

Solecare is one of these supplements. It is created specifically for treating issues that strike the feet and toenail fungus is one that is at the top of the list.

How to use turmeric for fungal infection

Regular application of a paste made using Solecare and water to the affected nail, making sure that you have covered the entire area including the portions under the nail, can help to zap the fungal growth in no time. In fact, Solecare is so effective in annihilating toenail fungus that you may not even need to use any prescription medication after all!

Try it today and say adios to that dreadfully ugly fungus forever.

2 thoughts on “Fighting Toenail Fungus With Curcumin

  1. I recently noticed a dark discoloration on the big toe on my right foot. There is no pain but it looks rather dirty and unsightly. Could it be toenail fungus? If so, how can curcumin help me get rid of it?

    1. The description you have given makes it sound very much like toenail fungus. Such a condition may not be painful at first but as it grows with time it is possible for it to infect the entire nail and may eventually cause the nail to fall out. All of this can be prevented by applying a paste of Solecare on the affected area at night and covering it up using either an old, clean, dry sock or with a bandage. The curcumin in Solecare is perfect for curing fungal infections as it has potent fungicidal properties that prevent the fungi from growing uncontrollably. Curcumin has anti-inflammatory properties that help in toning down the intensity of pain and discomfort that may come along with toenail fungus. Solecare is made using organic, natural curcumin that will not cause any harm to your skin as it has no chemical residues in it.

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