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Having grown up in a typical Indian household, haldi or turmeric is no stranger to me. In fact, for almost every malady that anyone suffered from in the house, haldi was the first line of treatment. From healing wounds to shooing away the sniffles to making a tasty meal, haldi as a one-stop-shop kind of spice in our house. It is important to note that this rather innocuous spice has a very long and decorated history. This gorgeous golden spice was hailed not just for its medicinal properties but it was also said that haldi had the ability to rejuvenate a person’s spiritual energy. The Aryans who worshipped the Sun found the golden yellow hue of raw haldi to be indicative of its affiliation to the Sun and thus treated it with reverence. Haldi has been used for over 5000 years as medicine by Ayurvedic doctors to realign the three key doshas – vata, pitta, and kapha. .

The chief constituent of haldi is a compound known as curcumin which possesses the majority of therapeutic benefits that haldi is lauded for. Curcumin is a polyphenol that also provides haldi with its characteristic golden hue. It is curcumin that brings to the table a host of benefits that make haldi so popular. Wouldn’t it thus be preferable to use haldi that has been enriched with natural curcumin instead of just raw haldi? It is to serve this need that Bagdara Farms has created ‘Hulthy’, turmeric that is enriched with curcumin thus making it way more beneficial than plain haldi.

Bagdara Farms is an Indian venture that is exclusively into the production of organic curcumin and supplements made using it. The farming techniques used by farmers at Bagdara Farms are strictly organic and as a result, they shun the use of synthetic growth enhancers, fertilizers, or pesticides. This makes the curcumin produced at Bagdara 100% pure, NON-GMO and devoid of chemical residues that creep in when synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are used on crops. Bagdara Hulthy can be used in lieu of regular haldi in cooking Asian curries. This will help in improving the nutritional value of the food cooked.

Additionally, Hulthy can be used in the following ways too to alleviate certain common ailments and conditions

  1. Curcumin is known to inhibit the activity of an enzyme known as cyclooxygenase-2 or COX2. This is a pro-inflammatory enzyme that also promotes the activity of carcinogens. It creates a favorable environment for cancer cells to grow in as well. By toning down the activity of COX2, curcumin can prevent the metastasis of cancer.
  2. Curcumin has astounding anti-inflammatory properties that help in managing the pain associated with conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, sports injuries, menopause, premenstrual stress, toothaches, muscle pulls, migraine headaches, etc. Curcumin has the potential to considerably bring down the activity of pro-inflammatory substances like cytokines in the body thus reducing the degree of inflammation caused.
  3. Curcumin is a potent anti-microbial agent. It helps in boosting the immunity and keeping infections away. This is because curcumin is able to effectively penetrate the cellular membranes of pathogens and cause damage that leads to cell death. From seasonal flu to stomach bugs to skin infections to bad breath, curcumin can help clear up all microbial trouble in a jiffy.
  4. Curcumin is a well-known liver detoxifier. It helps in increasing the production of bile which is great for digestion. It also strengthens the liver so that it is able to effectively flush out the toxins from the body.
  5. Curcumin helps in promoting the growth of healthy gut flora. This keeps the digestive system healthy and strong enough to be able to effectively breakdown complex fats and proteins. In addition, it protects the mucous membrane that lines the stomach thus preventing a leaky gut.
  6. Curcumin is a strong antioxidant that helps in balancing out the levels of pro-oxidant and antioxidant species in the body. As a result, regular consumption of curcumin helps in reducing oxidative stress which is the chief reason behind premature aging and issues related to it.
  7. Curcumin has the ability to trigger the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, both of which are mood elevators. This helps in combating conditions like depression and anxiety.
  8. Curcumin can also be used as an effective mosquito repellant instead of the commonly used mosquito repellants which contain harmful chemicals like DEET. Mixed with neem oil or citronella, curcumin forms a natural mosquito repellant.

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