Pain relief with calmya

The unhealthy backdrop and our extremely insalubrious way of living are increasingly causing our health sufferings. Pain has become an inevitable part of our existence, the challenge, the stress and the workload is constantly taking a toll on our health. A number of lifestyle factors largely affect our risk of developing osteoarthritis. The wear and tear to the cartilage is one of the most common causes of developing osteoarthritis.

The most common and extremely excruciating type of arthritis not only is painful but increasingly affects our quality of life negatively. When the cartilage breaks down, the bones begin to rub against each other causing swelling, pain and unbearable pain to the sufferer. This afflictive condition mostly affects our joints of hips, knees, hand, and spine. Along with lifestyle, age, metabolism, genes, mechanical factors, obesity too plays an essential role in contracting osteoarthritis.

Turmeric, the superstar of the herbal world has been around curing, soothing and healing for many thousand years now. The journey from kitchen cabinets to the gourmet dishes has been rather impressive. The vibrant colour, earthy flavour and its ever so generous therapeutic properties have struck the cord with the world, and they are vying for their share of this magic potion.

As a child who grew up in India, we have grown up eating, applying and mixing turmeric in every possible way and it did wonders naturally. Turmeric has been our one-stop for any ailment and grand ma’s favorite healing herb. A holistic approach to living is the trend, that is becoming popular with the people around the globe, and it’s a moment of pride to say that turmeric is one of the most trending herbs, reaching out and healing many. This magic herb, with its wonder component Curcumin is God sent in toning down the inflammation and shielding the bone health in the condition of osteoarthritis.

How Calmya Helps in Pain

Calmya is the prodigious product from Bagdara Farms, specially created to chase out pain from your body and soothe you to your healthy self. As a significant anti-inflammatory, Calmya helps in curbing the production of inflammatory cytokines in osteoarthritis and thwarts the progression of the disease. It works wonders as an anti-oxidant; Calmya forestalls the oxidative stress, which works efficaciously to enhance the antioxidant defenses and provides much-needed relief from osteoarthritis. The rich and active curcumin in Calmya inhibits the breakdown of bones in the afflictive osteoarthritis and fully supports the process of regeneration of cartilage. Calmya’s innate nature being turmeric, it is a superb natural painkiller; it curbs and combats pain without causing gastric side effects. The high level of curcumin present in the portentous Calmya can improve the efficiency of the anti-arthritic drugs and thus makes it a suitable adjuvant therapy in osteoarthritis. With a plethora of therapeutic properties that not only combat pain, Calmya gives you a promise of good health organically and makes you feel great. Before pain comes knocking, let’s knock down the pain.

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