Barkumin for dog's good health

Man’s most trusted partner for many centuries, the most loyal companion and a best friend, the bond between man and dog is growing strong with every passing year. So legendry is the bond and so deep is the companionship, that it shapes the way our brains develop. Our canine partners have a great amount of surprising influence on us in innumerable ways, from boosting our immune system to staving off dementia. They shower us with unconditional love and no wonder they are called man’s best friend. They have certainly earned this coveted title and have a great role to play in this dynamic relationship. Amidst this wonderfully nurtured relationship comes a moment when it’s give back time to our canine partners. Their health is of utmost priority for the owners. Our loyal companions too go through a lot of similar ailments like us and are susceptible to a large number of infections from microbes. The most common infections include bacterial infection which directly affects the skin and the digestive tract. Pyoderms is a kind of bacterial infection; it is characterized by scabs and itching. While some bacterial infections attack the digestive system others like canine hepatitis parvovirus are a major stumbling block on the health of your pet pooch.

Turmeric has been the harbinger of our good health since the existence of life; this prodigious spice is instrumental in helping us maintain good health naturally. The golden spice has carved a path for itself, from being the favourite child of Ayurveda to spiking the lattes and other fancy concoctions. Its slightly pungent and delicately earthy flavours are not only fascinating people as a health substitute for themselves but for their loyal pets too. Turmeric has shown potency to prevent and treat several chronic and serious diseases in dogs.


Barkumin from Bagdara Farms is one of a kind product for your loyal canine’s good health and longevity. The wonder product Barkumin is brimming with the goodness of bio-active curcumin and is a broad spectrum anti-microbial agent. Barkumin inhibits the growth of infections caused by microbes, promising good health to our dear pets. Barkumin is a strong and powerful anti-viral agent, interferes with its genetic mechanism and forestalls the infections of enveloped viruses. Bacterial infections are one of the causes that affect the health of your pets negatively. Barkumin vehemently attacks leptospirosis, a bacterial infection that largely causes damage to the dog’s central nervous system, kidneys and reproductive system. Barkumin’s efficacious anti-bacterial property thwarts bacterial infection and soothes the suffering your dear pet might be going through. The carefully crafted Barkumin is mighty rich in its anti-fungal properties and are instrumental in treating fungal skin infections in dogs. Barkumin, from the lap of nature has plethora of anti-parasiticidal agents and it acts against parasites like plasmodium, leishmania, the notorious giardiasis, a parasitic infection that attacks the intestine and causes diarrhea. The marvelous product, Barkumin with a bagful of pharmacological properties gives a boost to the immune system of our darling dogs. Don’t wait for your loyal one to suffer these ghastly infections and order this prodigious product for your best friend that loves you unconditionally.

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