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Mensuration Problems Cure with Shemeric

Life as a woman is just not easy. The travails begin as soon as a girl child is born. Heaven forbid if she were born in a conservative family, her first challenge is to somehow survive the vile practice of female feticide. If she were lucky enough to avoid that roadblock, she goes on to encounter gender bias in all fields, be it the playground, the classroom or even her own home. Mensuration problems cure need to be discussed in open and we need to find a natural care for periods related problems.

Finally when she gets her first period, she suddenly becomes useful to society because she now can fulfill the purpose for which she was put on Earth – birthing babies. I know I am being cynical but then numerous news reports every day about gender bias prevalent everywhere as well as misogynistic crimes being perpetrated a dime a dozen have turned me cynical. In many cultures a girl attaining puberty and beginning to menstruate is a cause for great celebration.

From India to Japan to Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Ghana, there are a variety of ceremonies marking this moment in a girl’s life. When I think about it though, menstruation is a process that only brings numbing pain, month after month and even when it ceases briefly during those nine months that you are carrying a child, it is nothing less than a brief lull before the actual more painful storm called childbirth. So, to me, it seems rather cruel to be happy about another poor young girl falling victim to this process that supposedly marks the commencement of womanhood.

Childbirth too brings with it a hoard of problems like painful joints postpartum weight gain, postpartum depression, thyroid disorders etc.
While there isn’t a simple cure for the more sinister women-centric afflictions of society, there one natural remedy that women can rely on to make their health-related problems go kaput. Turmeric and its chief constituent – curcumin in specific is God’s gift to women around the world. This innocuous spice that is one of the essential components of any spice rack especially in the Indian subcontinent is not just an integral part of Indian cooking but is also a powerhouse of therapeutic properties that can make most common aches and pains vanish into thin air.

Curcumin can alleviate Mensuration Problems Cure by doing the following:

1) Curcumin is a great hormone balancer. It is a well-known fact that an excess of estrogen in the body over a long period can cause some problems in the female body. Fibroids, uterine cancer, and endometriosis are some common issues that are exacerbated by excess estrogen. Curcumin can bring back the estrogen level to a reasonable number and detoxify the body.

2) Turmeric has potent anti-spasmodic properties. The anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin found in turmeric help in regulating the effect of neurotransmitters that cause pain. It also checks inflammatory chemicals like COX2, LOX, and prostaglandins.

3) The anti-inflammatory and painkilling abilities of curcumin have been found to be comparable to standard painkillers like diclofenac and combiflam. By suppressing enzymes and chemicals that trigger inflammation and pain in the body, curcumin can alleviate the malaise and pain associated with PMS. This helps women since they do not need to take chemical drugs anymore, which prevents them from subjecting their bodies to the side effects like peptic ulcers.

4) Curcumin can regulate menses which is very beneficial for those who have irregular cycles. This is because curcumin can stimulate uterine bleeding in most cases, however, in cases where someone is experiencing heavier than usual flow, curcumin can also reduce the flow to a more tolerable level.

5) Curcumin increases the production of serotonin and dopamine, which are both mood elevators. This helps in alleviating depression and anxiety experienced due to PMS.

Shemeric is a supplement created specifically for women. It is full of pure curcumin grown locally at Bagdara Farms. In the midst of the beautiful Bandhavgarh forest in Katni, Madhya Pradesh, Bagdara Farms is a verdant stretch of farmland where the sole aim is to grow Curcuma longa that is superior in quality and devoid of chemical residues. Shemeric, if taken regularly, will make those few days every month feel like a breeze. It will also help women get rid of conditions like leucorrhoea, irregular menses, and vaginal infections. So, ladies, order your bottle of Shemeric today and make your lives easier!

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  1. Nimisha

    I have always had a horrific time every month when my period arrives. I was under the impression that turmeric is a warm spice that will increase my menstrual flow and as a result make things worse. Is this true? If not, how can curcumin supplementation help me feel better during those days of the month?

    1. Post<br/>Author
      Farms Bagdara

      It is true that curcumin is a warm spice but at the same time, it has some fantastic abilities as a phytoestrogen too which make it beneficial when it comes to managing severe PMS. The best thing about curcumin is that it is a natural blood thinner that helps break down blood clots. It also helps by balancing the levels of progesterone and estrogen in the body during the menstrual cycle which helps in preventing excessive buildup and shedding of the uterine lining. It also has very potent anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing uterine contractions thus bringing down the level of abdominal pains and spasms. A little bit of Shemeric mixed in warm milk with some honey and pepper powder is a perfect drink for those who suffer from a great deal of agony during their menstrual cycle.


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