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Muscles are a bundle of fibrous tissues that help in body movements by contracting and relaxing. The human body has an average of 600- 700 muscles in the body. There are two types of muscles. Smooth muscles or involuntary muscles are the ones that are not under our control .e.g. muscles of the small intestine.  Skeletal or voluntary muscles are the muscles that are under our control. E.g. muscles of our hands. Cardiac muscles are particular muscles which are found exclusively in the heart and help in the rhythmic contraction of the heart. Muscles have essential roles in all the major life processes like mobility, circulation, respiration, digestion, vision, childbirth and in maintaining the body stability.

What Does Muscular Atrophy Mean?

Muscular atrophy is the condition in which the muscles waste away, or there is a loss of muscle mass.  There are three major types of muscular atrophy

  • Physiologic atrophy occurs when the muscles are not used enough. People who have long hours of seated jobs are bedridden, cannot move their limbs due to some medical condition etc. are the ones affected by it. Astronauts experience muscle atrophy after a few days weightlessness in no gravity environment. This can be reversed with a better nutrition and exercise regime.
  • Pathologic atrophy- it is seen with ageing, starving oneself and in people who take an excess of corticosteroids in diseases like Cushing’s syndrome.
  • Neurogenic atrophy- it occurs due to an injury or a disease of a nerve that connects the brain to muscles like the spinal cord or peripheral nerve injuries. The most severe form of muscular atrophy, it tends to occur suddenly.

There can be many other causes of muscular dystrophy-like malnutrition, burns, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, stroke, alcohol-associated myopathy ( pain and weakness in  muscles due to excessive drinking over the years)

The Typical Symptoms Of Muscle Atrophy Are:

  • One of the arms of legs is smaller than the other
  • Feeling of significant weakness in one of the limbs.

The physician will study the medical history of the patient before suggesting any of the tests diagnose muscle atrophy.  Blood tests, X-ray, nerve or muscle biopsy, electromyography, MRI scan and CT scan is also suggested for the correct diagnosis.

Get Stronger Muscles With Curcumin

Curcumin is known for its anti-inflammatory properties which help in preventing the muscle wastage. It prevents the muscle protein degradation after an injury or general wasting associated with an illness. Muscles are damaged post an exercise regime. Curcumin can reduce post-exercise damage to a large extent.

We at Bagdara Farms have bottled the goodness of Curcumin in Sportyheal-5X to reduce the muscle damage and act as a rapid muscle relaxant. The product has no side effects and if you are into exercise then it is a must buy!

1 thought on “Get Stronger Muscles With Curcumin Naturally

  1. After a few months of my legs in plaster after I suffered a fracture, the muscles of that leg had become very weak. I was asked to strengthen them by physiotherapy exercises but it was taking a very long time. I was suggested to take this product by a friend who was already using it. Now after using it for a significant amount of time my muscles are not fully strong but yes quite strong as compared to when the plaster was out.

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