Muscle Relaxant


Listen To Article Scientists and doctors practicing sports medicine have for the longest time looked for an effective solution for the dreaded DOMS or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness which is known to trouble most sportsmen and sportswomen the day following a tough workout. DOMS is known to sneak in after about 24 to 72 hours of an intense workout. Typically Read More

Muscle Relaxant

Get Stronger Muscles With Curcumin Naturally

Muscles are a bundle of fibrous tissues that help in body movements by contracting and relaxing. The human body has an average of 600- 700 muscles in the body. There are two types of muscles. Smooth muscles or involuntary muscles are the ones that are not under our control .e.g. muscles of the small intestine.  Skeletal or voluntary muscles are Read More

Muscle Relaxant

Organic Curcumin Therapy Can Keep DVT Away

CURCUMIN HELPS YOU DANCE SACROILIAC DYSFUNCTION OUT OF YOUR LIFE Dance is an art form that not just invigorates the body but also the mind. Ask any dancer and they will tell you how thoroughly rejuvenated they feel physically and mentally after a dance performance. Typically, a good dancer needs to be lithesome and agile. Over time they develop muscle Read More

Muscle Relaxant

Boost Your Stamina And Endurance With Curcumin

Listen To Article Being a competitive sports person in today’s day and age is a tough job especially when performance-enhancing drugs and steroids has become the norm to improve stamina and performance. You may not even be earning your living from being a competitive sports person, but you might enjoy it as a hobby. Even in that case, it is an Read More

Muscle Relaxant

Goodbye muscle fatigue with curcumin goodness

While playing any game where we need to physically exert ourselves the most common problem we all face is muscle fatigue. Muscle fatigue is a very common problem associated with sports. Fatigue is the feeling or sense of extreme tiredness generally caused due to physical exertion. Symptoms Associated With Muscle Fatigue: Muscle weakness and pain in the muscles is a Read More

Muscle Relaxant

How this supplement helps with spasms??

Muscle spasms don’t usually rate high on the list of medical problems amongst the common folk. Most may not even realize that the cause of pain in the back, legs or joints could be a result of muscles spasms. Before we start listing down different causes or symptoms of spasms and tell you how to cure it, let’s see what Read More

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