Dermaturm for nodular acne treatment
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Acne a word that spells nightmare for everyone irrespective of age (yes more nightmarish for teenagers). If you are unfortunate to have nodular acne, then it is like salt being added to injury as this acne is painful.

What is Nodular Acne?

We are all aware that acne begins with sebum mixing with dead cells to clog the pores. This, in turn, leads to blackheads and whiteheads.

Nodular acne is caused by the bacteria that live on our body (p.acne). Now when this bacteria gets trapped in the clogged veins, it leads to infection. This infection goes to the deeper layers of skin, and the affected pores become swollen and red.

As it causes trouble in the deep tissues under the skin, it is more severe than the regular acne and cannot be cured easily hence over the counter medications are not an option.

Nodular acne appears as a small bump on the body with skin colour tine but it can turn red, and the area around it can become inflamed. It does not have a head and is painful to touch.

This is more stubborn than your regular acne, and it takes maybe months to cure as it happens deeper under the skin. It can happen on the face, neck and body and leaves scars.

Causes of Nodular Acne:

Just like all other forms of breakouts, nodular acne als0o happens due to various factors like:

  • Overactive sebaceous glands
  • Buildup ( abnormal) of dead cells in the pore
  • Overgrowth of acne-causing bacteria

If all of these factors come together, then conditions become favourable for nodular acne to form breakouts.

Androgen hormones are another primary reason s more androgens means more skin oils, and more androgens mean that the chemical framework of skin oil changes and becomes thicker and producing a more congenial atmosphere for the growth of acne.

This is more common in young males, teen boys and young adult males and on occasion, adult females can get it too.

Treatment – over the counter medication is a no go as it takes longer to cure and yes they do not work. Since this condition happens deep under the skin tissue, you need something that works from within to cleanse your system, and nothing knows your skin needs better than Dermaturm from Bagdara farms

  • Dermaturm is 100% organic, and no pesticides or fertilisers are used thus making it the perfect and natural cure for acne scars.
  • The high Curcumin, content in Dermaturm makes it very effective against nodular acne as it is nature’s most dynamic anti-inflammatory agent.
  • Since inflammation is the underlying cause for this conditions and also responsible for worsening it the anti-inflammatory property of Curcumin not only checks inflammation, it also helps inhibit the growth of nodular acne, which leads to scarring.
  • Curcumin has a very dynamic anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant property which helps the skin heal quickly.
  • The anti-bacterial action of Curcumin kills p.acne that is responsible for nodular acne.
  • Curcumin in Dermaturm is known to regulate the production of Melanin, which ensures that dark patches are checked, and thus your skin has an even tone and also the scars are lightened.
  • The anti-oxidant property of Curcumin in Dermaturm also cleanses the skin making it clean and supple.
  • Dermaturm helps in kicking the scars out all because of the antiseptic property of Curcumin, as it ensures that the scars are lighter and gradually fade away this, in turn, gives your flagging confidence a big lift up.
  • Dermaturm takes care of the hyperactive sebaceous gland secretion thus reducing the oil which leads to reduced clogging and prevents nodular acne.

To Get the Best of Dermaturm:

  • ½ tsp. of Dermaturm with a pinch of black pepper ( to enhance Curcumin absorption) boil it in 1 cup of water. Take it twice a day, and you are good to go
  • ½ tsp. of Dermaturm mixed with  ½ tsp. of honey, take it with a glass of warm water every day.

A Few More Things to Keep Nodular Acne at Bay:

  • Detox regularly: Cleansing your system periodically is a must as getting the toxins out of the body is an excellent way to prevent this problem at bay.
  • If you are going to exercise during the day be sure to take a light shower to wash off the bacteria.
  • Stay hydrated always
  • Wash off dirt and grime with water
  • Stay away from harsh soaps and shampoos.

    With Dermaturm you are set to say bye to painful and embarrassing nodular acne.

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