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After months of scorching heat, the monsoon showers are much awaited to provide a welcome break from the hot summer sun. It brings along with it a cool breeze, incredible weather, melodious pitter-patter of the raindrops on the window pane, but all of it isn’t so picture perfect out of the frame. Besides all the right things, it brings forth with its plethora of maladies. While some ailments don’t sound so worrisome, a few can keep you bogged down for a few days or weeks, and some can be life threatening too. A few common diseases that follow monsoon are:

  • Malaria, with symptoms like fever, pain, and weakness.
  • Diarrhea, a preventable, treatable and a disturbing condition.
  • Dengue is a monstrous ailment that strings along with the longed monsoon showers.
  • Viral fever, cough, and cold is a susceptible common enemy to keep us under sheets.

The above ailments are just a few in the huge sea of monsoon maladies. There are chances that there could be an extra dose of medicines. Turmeric coined as the most powerful since times immemorial could be your natural organic and pure cure to all our recurring monsoon maladies.


Turmeric the holy spice is blessed with antibacterial properties, to help you beat the infection causing cold, cough, and fever all this could be a real party pooper. 1/2 tsp of turmeric in a cup of milk and honey can keep you in high spirits.


This revered spice is a natural cure for perturbing the condition of diarrhea. Turmeric is a great digestive agent and also is a beautiful intestinal anti- septic.1 tsp of turmeric in a cup of warm water, twice a day can provide you much-needed relief.


Turmeric known for its curing nature for centuries stimulates the process of healing during dengue. Curcumin packed golden spice miraculously blocks the growth of the malaria-causing parasite. It is paramount in keeping inflammation at bay that worsens in case of chikungunya.

  • Due to many more ailments that follow the magnificent season of rains, turmeric acts as a therapeutic, organic and unalloyed agent to douse them all, with its natural goodness to boost our immunity and elevate our holistic health.

At Bagdara Farms, we have specially formulated, the efficacious TurmFlu, your answer to all the monsoon woes. Packed with the goodness of curcumin, TurmFlu acts as a natural anti-oxidant and inhibits the infection that interferes with our health. TurmFlu is nature’s best gift for the maladies that are triggered due to the change in the weather. TurmFlu, loaded with antibacterial properties combats diarrhea-causing bacteria, it aids digestion and provides relief by balancing the fluids in the body.

TurmFlu from Bagdara Farms is rich in minerals; therapeutic values takes our immunity one level up. Bundled with anti-inflammatory properties, its action relieves us from tough chest congestions, is promising in treating chronic coughs and getting rid of phlegm. TurmFlu’s anti-viral action inhibits the allergic outburst causing cold, sore throat and fever. So, before the monsoon trouble comes knocking your door, reach out for the magical bottle of TurmFlu and say hello to the rains.

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