In the existing time, of detrimental altercations to our diet and lifestyle, there has been an evidential rise, in a number of maladies affecting our vital organs and the smooth functioning of our body. The liver is an essential vital organ, carrying out essential life supporting functions, like, making of protein, producing carbohydrate, enabling food digestion, detoxifying the body, breaking down of insulin and supporting various other important functions in the body. The liver is a keeper of the building blocks of the body, but due to our insalubrious way of living, knowingly or unknowingly we cause harm to this vital organ. Fatty liver is a harrowing condition, that is affecting thousands every day. The related health menace, diabetes and obesity are foremost threats that are accelerating the peril of FATTY LIVER.

There are Two Types of Fatty Liver

  • Alcoholic Fatty Liver
  • Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver

Previously, alcoholic fatty was cardinal condition suffered by adults, however people of all ages, suffer from fatty liver due to the over-consumption of refined carbohydrates, also a leading cause of obesity. Studies have also shown that excessive stress is also responsible, for causing the dreaded fatty liver condition. Nevertheless, propitiously, it is a reversible condition. The severe fatty liver can cause symptoms associated with hepatitis and cirrhosis if left untreated can cause liver cancer.

The gift of nature, the most celebrated spice, turmeric, with all its therapeutic goodness, continues to strengthen its roots in our lives, to aggrandize our holistic health. It is an explosion, of nutrition, health and flavour with astonishing rewards for our robustness. This golden spice prevents high excessive fat accumulation in the liver, high cholesterol in the blood and significantly brings down the risk of fatty liver.

Curcumin packed wonder herb, turmeric, provides you, the most natural way to combat fatty liver and support liver recovery. Being a super anti-inflammatory, turmeric thwarts inflammation of the liver that could cause permanent liver damage. Turmeric shields the liver from the toxins, such as hepatoxins etc and boosts the secretion of bile thus enhancing our digestion. This harbinger of our health assists the liver in coping up with excess alcohol and its aftermath. Turmeric is thus, coined as the most powerful healing herb on this planet.

Resting in the lap of nature, at Bagdara farms, we understand the growing need of nature’s best product, turmeric. Thus we bring to you, the goodness of this magical spice, packed sealed and ready to use. Livturm, the top-notch product of Bagdara farm, packed with 6.60% curcumin significantly proves to be your livers best friend. Livturm through its anti-inflammatory properties improves the quality of liver functioning and maintains the vital organ. Curcumin rich, Livturm, maintains a happy liver by considerably lowering or eliminating cholesterol, thereby plummeting the risk of obesity. The doubly fortified and specially curated Livturm assists the liver in cleansing and flushing out the toxins from the body, gifting us haleness, vigour, and strength.

The outstanding feature, about Bagdara turmeric, is that it is strengthened with a high amount of curcumin and essential compounds which stimulates the rate of absorption of the essential nutrients by our body. So endow your liver, with health perks from Livturm, make it an indispensable part of your life, and say goodbye to all the stumbling blocks that come in the way of our health and revel in the glory of happy and healthy self.

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