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Women are often addressed as complicated, well! This reference bears a lot of truth with the woman’s body, which holds mysteries as deep and as unfathomable as the depth of the ocean. Biologically a woman’s body goes through innumerable changes, within a span of a month most of the time. These hormonal and biological changes bound to have an effect on the overall health of the women, making the body vulnerable to ailments and diseases.

What is ovarian cancer?

  • Ovarian cancer is the fifth most common cause of cancer deaths in women. Ovaries are reproductive glands found in women; there are two ovaries, one on the either side of the uterus, serving as the main producers of female hormones estrogen and progesterone.
  • Ovarian cancer begins in the ovaries, when cells divide and multiply in an unregulated way, it also poses a threat of spreading to other parts of the body as well.

What are the symptoms of ovarian cancer?

The deadly nature of the ovarian cancer, combined with contumacious difficulties associated with the timely diagnoses gave rise to the metaphor of “the silent killer”. In case detected early, ovarian cancer has a high rate of survival, however insidious nature of this cancer means that it often remains undetected, until it has progressed and has started the damage.

  • Bloating
  • Pelvic pain
  • Trouble eating
  • Feeling the need to urinate frequently
  • Fatigue
  • Back pain
  • Menstrual change
  • Pain during intercourse

Besides getting medical attention, there are some simple herbs, which if made an integral part of your life, could prevent and slow down the advances of this so called silent killer. The therapeutic nature of these natural herbs, bring down the side effects and help in or after the treatment.

What is Oncomin?

  • Oncomin is a path breaking formulation, crafted to uplift your health and stop the spread of the monstrous cancer. Rich in curcumin, Oncomin has everything that makes it the most natural, organic and pure way to deal with the deadly ovarian cancer.
  • The anti-cancer properties found in Oncomin is beneficial in killing the cancerous cells and significantly prevents the cell proliferation. Oncomin can prove to be prodigious in protecting the normal cells from damages procured by the drugs used for the treatment.

How can Oncomin help in preventing ovarian cancer?

  • The abundant curcumin found in Oncomin, has significant anti-cancer activity, which is useful in inducing cell death in ovarian cancer cells. The bio-active curcumin interferes with the innumerable molecular pathways and induces cell death significantly and combats cell proliferation, which takes place in ovarian cancer.
  • Oncomin trammels angiogenesis and prevents tumor growth , in ovarian cancer where there is uncontrolled multiplication of malignant cells. Oncomin is one natural and an organic way targets various signaling pathways involved in angiogenesis. Curcumin in Oncomin inhibits expressions of protein kinase C and suppresses the NF kappa b pathway, to encumber angiogenesis and thus the tumor growth.
  • Not all tumor tissues equally respond to a particular drug, a way of overcoming this problem is making the ovarian cancer cells sensitive to these treatments, curcumin in Oncomin can be an effective way of doing this. The high amount of curcumin found in Oncomin, are found to increase the sensitivity of drugs, which are used to treat ovarian cancer. Oncomin enhances the sensitivity of ovarian cancer cells to chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
  • By now we all know that ovarian cancer is hard to detect, by the time it is detected the treatment becomes difficult and the chances of survival become dim. Oncomin, blessed with super chemo-preventive activity is an organic way of preventing this silent killer. Besides altering numerous molecular pathways, it reduces inflammatory responses and signaling that could encourage cancer development.
  • The magical curcumin found on Oncomin, by the virtue of being produced organically, is capable of altering the changes in the genes that leads to ovarian cancer.
  • Chemo-toxicity or radio toxicity are a few side-effects caused by the use of chemo-therapy. The damages could range from neuropathy to organ damage and can prove to be life threatening. Oncomin can ameliorate several of these damage which caused by the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. From saving our kidneys to other vital organs, Oncomin through its rich anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant action shields and protects these organs from the wrath of treatment used for ovarian cancer.

So, do not wait for complications to occur, if you have the slightest of doubt, besides your doctor’s advice, just get hold of this Mother Nature’s best produce for your health, vitality and long life. Oncomin is a proof that the best medication is found in nature.

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