trichoturm for all hair problems

Wash it, brush it, blow dry it, straighten it or put all kinds of products, your hair is your crowning glory, doesn’t matter what gender you are, taking good care of your hair should be an essential part of your schedule.  However, in a rush and in the eagerness to use many fancy products, we do more harm than good.

There isn’t any doubt that our hair especially today, goes through a ringer, because of the many chemicals we use. We experience dry hair, hair fall, thinning of hair, stripping of hair of the natural shine and color.

Furthermore, our unhealthy lifestyle contributes to the ongoing external damage. Hair is the most defining feature of our personality, and we must endeavor to ensure its health and shine.  We all desire beautiful, healthy mane and when I write this, it’s not only the women, even men want for their share of the healthy tuft.

So, Is There a Natural Way Out?

Yes, there is, and nature has its goodness reserved for all and gives it back in abundance. Curcumin, the miraculous component in turmeric spice does the magic naturally. Surprised, are you?

  • Curcumin is a phytochemical with multiple medicinal properties, so it not only lends color to the food, glow to the skin but a touch of health and nature to out tresses too.
  • Its natural anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties can help soothe and get rid of dandruff, the irksome itching that tags along.
  • It also pumps up the blood circulation in the scalp resulting in healthy hair.
  • Its mighty antifungal properties, keep all the scalp conditions like eczema, dermatitis, fungal infections, etc. cornered giving you healthy roots.

Have you heard of Trichoturm?

  • A special formulation from Bagdara farm, Trichoturm still has the essence of nature, is curated organically, with no chemicals and is the perfectly natural, keeping in mind the artificial products flooding the market.
  • Loaded with some rich anti-bacterial properties, Trichoturm can cleanse the scalp thereby reducing dandruff; it also stimulates the blood circulation in the scalp, getting rid of the dead skin, which results in hair fall or scalp infections.
  • Trichoturm has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which soothes the scalp of dryness, itchiness, and dermatitis that may attack the scalp skin, hereby strengthening the roots and protect the hair from falling and breaking.
  • One of the major grievances is hair loss, poor diet, heredity or diseases that are major factors. Trichoturm is champion when it comes to protecting your tresses and ensures that the hair loss comes down to a minimum. Trichoturm rich in curcumin inhibits the activity of TGF beta 1 and thus prevents hair loss. So, you can now revel in the glory of beautiful, long and healthy mane, naturally and organically with Trichoturm.
  • Trichoturm, through its strong anti-oxidant and antifungal properties, prove to be great in treating the condition of dermatitis, eczema, hair thinning and other fungal infections, which result in giving naturally shiny, glossy and healthy hair.
  • Curcumin rich Trichoturm has antiseptic properties which prevents any harm to the scalp and provides a shield to the hair follicles from getting damaged averts hair loss and encourages the growth of new hair. The best part is that it is simple to use, 100% natural and so economical.
  • Trichoturm with its high level of curcumin and the most amazing golden hue can be a natural hair color too. It brings sharp tint to blonde or light brown hair, best suited for dark hair as it leaves a beautiful golden tint on your hair, giving it all the sheen and shine you have desired.
  • Trichoturm, with all the qualities of curcumin, can promote hair growth as it is great at activating vitamin-D receptor genes in the hair follicles, this genes basically regulates the growth cycle of hair. The vitamin D receptors enable the follicles to grow hair uninhibited.

So, don’t wait for others to tell you that your lovely tresses are suffering because of innumerable reasons, get yourself a bottle of this amazing product by Bagdara Farms, specially formulated for hair most naturally. So, your hair which normally faces the brunt of the weather, pollution and your scalp which is exposed all the time can be healed and soothed without the use of chemicals.

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