dermaturm for stretch marks removal

Our appearance is extremely dear to us; we do all we can to keep our beauty and looks quotient absolutely impeccable. But in between looking all great and fit, we suddenly see long, narrow, stripes or line on our tummy, while wearing that chic crop top, or on our thigh when we try out a pair of new hot pants or the upper arm when wearing our favorite racer back top and the lower back when we plan to get a tattoo done, they surely seem like a nightmare. These are called stretch marks, these nasty one’s are sure to dampen your spirits and you want to get rid of them as soon as possible. I have gone through exactly the same experience a few years back and I know we feel dejected. These appear when the skin is unable to bounce back after a period of intense growth. Extreme weight losses, acute trauma affecting the skin or pregnancy are few causes for their appearance. Stretch marks are usually slightly red or purple and become silver that may disappear or stay as it is.

Turmeric has been a revered spice since time immemorial, its use dates back to 4000 years in the Vedic culture. Most Indian preparation has a pinch of it or more as an herb that adds vibrance and aroma to the food. Also popular for many years as a healer’s spice, its plethora of therapeutic properties’ has caught the attention of people all over the world. Considered as an auspicious spice in Indian household, it’s now one of the principle herbs in western cooking as well. This golden herb surely is spreading its healthy roots and putting us back in the direction of living and eating healthy.

DermaTurm, the amazing product from Bagdara Farms is a specially curated product that works wonders on these not so pleasant looking stretch marks. Pregnancy comes with a lot of happiness and excitement but it is accompanied with great changes in our body. Stretch marks make appearance during and after our pregnancy. Losing weight is great news, but stretch marks that come along aren’t very good news. DermaTurm is our most natural cosmetic companion; simply taking a spoonful mixed with milk and applied on stretch marks can work therapeutically, as well as reduce the appearance of stretch marks and gradually make them disappear.

DermaTurm with Coconut Oil

A spoonful of DermaTurm mixed with coconut oil is a good and a natural remedy for stretch marks. Apply it, leave it for a few minutes and wash off. Its regular use will surely yield positive results.

DermaTurm with Lemon Juice

DermaTurm mixed with lemon juice and a pinch of saffron can be an effective remedy to lighten and gradually vanish the stretch marks, this remedy also maintains healthy cell membranes.

It is important to note that at no point the stretch marks should be left as it is. It’s essential to treat them in order to get your skin back in order. DermaTurm brimming with the essential curcumin is an excellent anti-oxidant. While it is advisable to apply it on the stretch marks, the herbs work wonderfully when consumed; golden milk is an amazing remedy too. So get back to your favorite crop top and don’t wait to get yourself a tattoo in the lower back. Just get yourself a jar of DermaTurm and stay fit and gorgeous.

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