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The change in weather can greatly and adversely affect our physical condition. It’s just not the alteration in our wardrobe, but our eating habits change with the changing weather. The fluctuating weather conditions are famous for triggering health situations that are capable of keeping us under sheets. A sudden attack of dizziness, upset stomach and cold, loss of appetite, flu and fever are believed to occur during such makeover of seasons. It is important that we take extra care of what we eat during such situations and ensure that we do everything to boost our immunity, so as to not fall prey to wind of change every season.

Turmeric the golden colored, strongly flavored spice is raising up a storm in the herbal world. This golden delight has been topping the chart for thousand years for boosting our immunity and providing much needed strength to the body and combating the seasonal ailments. The quintessential ingredient for curries and stews has now graduated to being a dash on the lattes, cold pressed juices and smoothies. This Stone Age staple has definitely emerged as a super food of today and our plates look drab and dull without its sprinkle. One sneeze and it had grandma running to reach out for her favorite herb, a spoonful in milk was a remedy for chasing away the biggest of health ailment.

At Bagdara we ensure, that you get the best of this ancient magic in its purest form and you experience the humble “Haldi Doodh” which is now renowned as golden milk, silken smooth and rich in flavor and minerals. LactoTurm is a special creation to keep alive the love, for the much loved golden milk. Packed with the anti–inflammatory properties, LactoTurm is an excellent remedy for cold, cough and fever. LactoTurm is rich in anti-oxidant and anti-microbial properties and combats all the ailments that come with the change in weather. A spoonful of LactoTurm in milk will keep you comforted and soothed and it’s just what your body needs during the hour of fluctuation, it works wonders. LactoTurm, strengths our immunity, reduces joint pain and works magically as an internal healer. It stimulates the process of recovery from an injury with its natural anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic properties. The active ingredient curcumin in LactoTurm makes it a therapeutic product, which can organically elevate your health at all points. So, make LactoTurm a part of your healthy life and revel in the glory of a nourished and healthy self.

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2 thoughts on “Health Just A Spoonful Away With Lactoturm

  1. My husband has been diagnosed with calcium deficiency and our general physician has strongly advised him to drink a glass of milk in the morning and one in the evening everyday. The problem is that he hates the taste of milk. His immunity too has been quite low lately. Can Lactoturm help make milk more drinkable for him? Will it help boost his immunity?

    1. The curcumin in Lactoturm is great at increasing the strength of the immune system. It boosts the health of the white blood cells as well as their count to help protect the body from invading pathogens better. It is a wonderfully mild and flavorful milk additive that can be combined with honey or cinnamon to create a more exotic taste. Your husband can add it to warm or cold milk. he can even create a smoothie using milk, Lactoturm, bananas, and honey and drink it cold after a workout.

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