Immunoturm for stronger Immune System

We are surrounded by millions of bacteria, viruses and countless microbes, out of which some of them are potentially dangerous. Yet amazingly, most of us don’t get sick that often. We generally forget about the reason behind us not feeling sick. The reason behind us not falling sick is due to the unsung soldier called as the immune system.

What is immune system?

  • The immune system is a host defence system comprising many biological structures and processes within an organism that protects against disease.
  • It is a network of cells, tissues and organs that work together to defend the body against attacks by foreign invaders.
  • These are primarily tiny microscopic organism such as bacteria, parasites, fungi, etc which can cause infections.
  • The immune system is made up of special cells, proteins, tissues and organs that defend people against germs and microorganisms.
  • Immunodeficiency occurs when the immune system is not as strong as normal, resulting in recurring in recurring and life-threatening infections.

How does immune system work?

  • The immune system works through a series of steps called the immune response, the immune system attacks organisms and substances that invade body systems and cause diseases.
  • When antigens (foreign bodies that invade our body) are detected, several types of cells work together to recognize them and respond.
  • These cells trigger B lymphocytes to produce antibodies, which are specialized proteins that lock onto specific antigens.
  • Once these antibodies recognise and lock onto antigens, T cells destroy these antigens that have been infected.
  • Antibodies can also neutralize toxins produced by different organisms.

How to diagnose diseases of immune system?

  • Even though there is no particular symptom for immune related diseases, fever and fatigue are common signs that show the immune system isn’t functioning properly.
  • Allergic conditions may be taken into account and evaluated.

What is immunodeficiency disorder?

  • Immunodeficiency happens when a part of the immune system is missing or not working properly.
  • Immunodeficiency can affect B lymphocytes, T lymphocytes or phagocytes. IGA is a common example of immunodeficiency disorder.

The idea behind explaining the overview is to make awareness that immunodeficiency disease can be potentially dangerous if immunity isn’t taken care of. Immunity is the essence of leading a healthy life and to make our immunity strong , Bagdara Farms has bottled the perfect product which is available in the most natural and organic form called the Immunoturm.

What is Immunoturm?

  • As the name itself says Immunoturm is immunity by processing turmeric in an organic manner.
  • It is an incredible amalgamation of the hidden secret of curcumin and various other nutrients, health rich compounds which boosts our immunity and make our immune system very strong.

Why Immunoturm?

  • Immunoturm is enriched with the perfect amount of curcumin to increase our immunity.
  • Curcumin cannot be easily absorbed by our body and that is why Immunoturm is curated in such a manner that the perfect amount of curcumin is absorbed by our body.
  • It is grown in a natural and in an organic manner.
  • It is farm grown and is free of any harmful chemicals and pesticides.
  • It helps in detoxifying our body because of its strong anti-microbial property.
  • Thanks to its amazing anti-oxidant property, it helps in warding off free radicals from the body for a healthier system.


  • Boil 1 cup lentil with salt, pinch of black pepper powder and ¼ tsp of Immunoturm. Add butter and enjoy this super healthy, immunity packed lentil soup.
  • Add ½ tsp of Immunoturm to a glass of warm milk and drink it before going to bed.
  • Add ½ tsp Immunoturm in 1 cup of hot milk, add jiggery or honey and enjoy this delicious Immunoturm tea.
  • Add 1/4tsp of Immunoturm in your daily curry to make it super healthy.

A sound immune system is an indication for a healthy, problem free and strong immune life. Just grab a bottle of this super product and boost your immunity.

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