nicotine addictions , Nicotine dependence , nicotine withdrawal

Society, status, stress, fashion all seem to be backed by one common element “SMOKING”.

Nicotine is the addictive drug in tobacco that causes people to get addicted and dependent on it. While some give the reason cigarette smoking is (1) stress relief, (2) pleasure, (3) social situations, (4) many say it’s a cool thing to do.

As the world changed into a busier place, smoking tobacco became cool to extremely cool and many times a necessity.


Did we know? 

Tobacco smoke contains over 70 known cancer-causing or carcinogenic chemicals. Smoking harms almost every organ in our body, which in turn is responsible for endless diseases and it affects the overall quality of life.

But which body organ is in the front line facing the brunt of smoking? 

It is our all-important respiratory system; with each puff, you inhale a mix of approximately 7000 chemicals.

The smoke hits the lungs very quickly and the blood that is carried to the entire body becomes toxic. Tobacco smoke contains carbon monoxide, a fatal gas that displaces the oxygen in our blood bereaving our organs of the much-needed oxygen.

Still, want to continue?


Medicinal Turmeric has been in existence for thousands of years and has been known for its endless therapeutic qualities.

At Bagdara Farms, we kept the tradition alive and cultivated Medicinal grade turmeric which was power-packed with curcumin making it medicinal, restorative, and health-giving.

One such glorious product is FUKAMIN-A, keeping in mind that in spite of knowing the lethal side effects, the number of smokers is only growing.


Curcumin present in FUKAMIN-A, the premium product from Bagdara Farms is efficacious in warding off all the stumbling block that smoking tobacco poses to your health.

  • As a powerful anti-oxidant, Fukamin-A aids in combating oxidative stress believed to cause an underlie COPD. Fukamin-A is a strapping antioxidant and it uses this curative and super medicinal property in protecting lungs from nicotine-induced oxidative damage.

  • Also with all its might and Anti-inflammatory properties, Fukamin-A protects the lungs from COPD caused by cigarette smoking and is one of the main reasons for airway obstruction and inflammation in the lungs.
  • The curcumin in abundance found in this wonderfully organic supplement FUKAMIN A protects other organs from smoking-induced toxicity. It also protects from DNA damage caused by nicotine.
  • Rich in curcumin, Fukamin-A inhibits cancer proliferation and blocks cancer transformations at all stages.
  • Fukamin-A can even stop a carcinogenic seizure and alleviate damage to the healthy cells.
  • Fukamin-A performs anti-proliferative activity by impeding tumour cell growth, its carcinogen blockers, as the name suggests block away from the carcinogens and their ill effect on the respiratory system and rest of the body.
  • Fukamin-A also curbs our craving to smoke and cuts down the nicotine dependency, which in itself is a reward.

So what can we say!

Fukamin-A is a genie in a bottle, doing all that magic to our health.

All we need to do is pick it up and drop the unhealthy habits, add quality to your life minus the insalubrious habits we easily tend to pick up. The things mentioned are simple, healthy with no false or hypothetical promises.

Here we have a video that will further give you details about the magical

Product Fukamin-A.

We recommend you to take 2 months course of Fukamin-A. Because regular intake of Fukamine is important to get rid of nicotine addiction.

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