Prevent from Asthma

Breathe a Pinch of Life with Asthumin

The queen of spices, turmeric is the rising star in the world of herbs today, the therapeutic goodness this potent herb is being heralded globally. This golden goodness has been for thousand year’s mother natures, best gift to mankind. Today turmeric is savoring in the glory of its wholesomeness, the humble “haldi dhoodh” has been rechristened as the “turmeric latte” with celebrities all  over the world are vying for their share of this heavenly healthy manna. This zero calorie spice has stirred up a storm of its own benefits and continues to embrace the heath conscious minds world over. This magic dust has lend its distinct flavor and hues to the Indian cuisine making it distinguished in the culinary world, it’s now known to be unfurling its charm  on the acclaimed gourmet dishes too. Turmeric is no longer just a remedy for sore throat or cuts and wounds, it is now combating deadly maladies like cancer and diabetes. The roots of Indian saffron go back to the ancient times and still continue to strengthen their grip on our lives today. The much revered spice with innumerable therapeutic goodness has been the most natural herb in alleviating our holistic health since time immemorial. A pinch of this golden dust parted with generous amount of cur cumin adds to our robustness and leaves us reveling in the glory of healthy self.

Today our daily lives in the cities and small towns alike are marked by rising levels of everyday pollution. The dust and grime along with killer pollens are gradually attacking and weakening our lungs, that vital organ that ensures a healthy supply of oxygen in our bodies. We certainly need a touch of nature’s goodness to battle this distressful stumbling block on our health. Turmeric rich in its anti inflammatory properties relieves us from inflammation of airways and stiffness of chest associated with Asthma. The magical spice contains numerous prodigious natural properties for treating Asthma. The rich anti bacterial turmeric aids in kicking the infection that helps in cleaning the phlegm and prevents blockage of the airways. Brimming with the goodness of curcumin, turmeric plays an important role in aiding the dilation of blood vessels that enables better airflow, reinstates normal breathing, relaxes the muscles, thins the blood and provides relief. Turmeric is the best herbal remedy to keep this grave issue at bay.

Asthumin the great turmeric from Bhagdara farms with its high level of curcumin, at 10.10%, is the potent natural remedy to effectively cure the root causes of asthama. Asthumin turmeric blocks the release of inflammation causing compounds by the immune system. Thus with its anti inflammatory action, Asthumin turmeric from Bhagdara farms reduces the asthamatic inflammation that causes swelling in the lungs. Also the asthumin turmeric increase the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood and helps relieve troubled breathing. The Asthumin turmeric from Bhagdara farms cuts down the bad cholesterol and helps dilate blood vessels, thus allowing for better air flow, relaxing muscle spasms, restoring normal breathing patterns, thinning the blood and reducing asthamatic inflammation. The curcumin rich asthumin turmeric also effectively controls bronchial asthama. To improve the quality of your everyday life , to enable yourself to take deep satisfying breaths of fresh air, to keep continuous coughing away, it is a must to have asthumin turmeric, the great natural healer from Bhagdara farms within your reach.

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