In the present times, of unhealthy changes in diet and lifestyle, there has been a record rise in heart diseases across the world. Not only are the old and middle-aged falling victims to fatal heart disorders, but equally the young as well. This is very worrisome indeed that heart diseases are the number one killer in adults today.

The most common heart disorders are strokes and atherosclerosis-that is a hardening of the arteries, and it’s visible signs are chest pain, weakness, shortness of breath and heart attack. Curcumin as the critical component in turmeric reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack, through its powerful anti-oxidizing, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties.

Heart Valve Disease and Turmeric

The heart valves are like the traffic policemen guarding the one-way flow of blood through your heart. Faulty heart valves lead to severe problems like high blood pressure and heart attacks. It is thus very important to ensure the health of your valves, for they are a guarantee to a healthy heart.

The curcumin-rich Bagdara turmeric significantly improves the vascular function of your heart through its effective anti-oxidizing and anti-inflammatory properties. Curcumin helps to maintain a healthy heart by lowering cholesterol levels in the blood, by preventing the narrowing of arterial walls and clot formation. Curcumin keeps the blood vessels healthy by protecting cells from damage, thereby allowing the smoother flow of blood.

Keeping Heart Attacks at Bay

The healthy, normal blood circulation leads to sufficient oxygen being supplied to the heart. Thus, the risk of heart attacks is significantly cut out.

Turmeric helps cleanse your arteries, through the action of its teeming anti-oxidants. The high amounts of curcumin in Bagdara turmeric acts to dilate the arteries by preventing the transport of calcium, which causes muscle cell contraction. Curcumin packed Bagdara turmeric, thus stops the narrowing of arteries and reduces the risks of high blood pressure, brain stroke and heart attacks.

The outstanding feature about Bagdara turmeric is that it is fortified with high amounts of curcumin and essential compounds, which increase the rate of absorption of the vital nutrients by our body. Teeming  with the goodness of curcumin,  bagdara turmeric, through  its  anti- inflammatory  and anti- oxidizing  action prevents  the  blood from carrying arteries from hardening.

The regular intake of Bagdara turmeric, packed with the goodness of rich and pure curcumin, actively contributes to a healthy heart, which is strong to take on the wear and tear of everyday life. Enjoy a happy and safe heart, with spoonfuls of curcumin-rich Bagdara turmeric every day.

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