What we eat today makes for our tomorrow and for times to come. Healthy food choices, good mental and physical health contribute to overall good health and well being, which is free from ailments/diseases. Our dietary lifestyle should be monitored properly so that we eat a balanced diet and can keep our immunity strong and boosted.

We all are facing a pandemic together and it is important at this time to act sensibly by staying indoors, keeping good hygiene, and eating a balanced diet, to get the right nutrition to sustain these testing times. At this point, we should try and eat meals that fill our tummies, and the grocery can last for longer times rather than indulging in luxurious eating habits and waiting to get more supplies again and again. Bagdara Rice is one such product that would give you all the nutrition you need as it is enriched with high power curcumin, which has abundant medicinal and pharmacological abilities that provide not just immunity and strength, but also gives essential nutrient and mineral powers the body needs to keep going. Curcumin-coated Bagdara Rice will help with good digestion, works well for proper growth & repair of our entire system, boosts the immunity, keeps heart healthy and because it is 100% organic, Non-GMO, and gluten-free; it causes no inflammation or oxidative damage in the body. Properly cooked rice of ours works effectively in warding off fatigue, tiredness, infections, etc, and helps in the healthy repair of tissues and organs, which work properly when the body gets the right nutrition, the organic way.

Rice has been a staple food for many people around the globe. Rich in carbs, proteins, essential minerals & vitamins, and an adequate amount of fat makes it a wholesome meal for all. Choose health and make wiser choices by having the essential food supplies to last longer during these times of lockdown. Turmeric treated Bagdara Rice is non-polished, has abundant anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant properties that will provide for you and your family good nutrition and will keep your immunities strong. Stay healthy & stay safe. We will sail through this phase together, making healthy choices and working towards a healthier and happier tomorrow.

Check all details and order for our rice from the following link. https://bagdarafarms.com/product/bagdara-rice/ You can call us on +91 9560254646 for any assistance or support.

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