Menoeze helps in osteoporosis

The challenges that women have to face in today’s world and taking on multifaceted roles are innumerable; however, there are certain internal challenges that sometimes are difficult or more than simple to deal with. Menopause is a vulnerable phase which all women experience and those who have gone through it would agree it isn’t an easy one to pass.

What are Menopause and Osteoporosis?

  • Menopause is a phase in a woman’s life, which marks an end of the menstrual cycles. This is a natural biological process, accompanied by a number of symptoms, which are significantly obvious and are sure to bother you.
  • Menopause is the stage which puts you at the risk of developing osteoporosis. So what is Osteoporosis?
  • Osteoporosis is a disease that weakens our bones, maximizing the risk of sudden and unexpected fractures. Literally meaning porous bones, which result in an increased loss of bone mass and strength?

What are the Symptoms of Osteoporosis?

  • This disease usually occurs without any visible sign and symptoms or pain, is often referred to as the silent disease.
  • The condition is not discovered until weakened bones cause painful fracture and after one fracture, many others are sure to follow.
  • Osteoporosis and menopause go hand in hand, however, while menopause is the inevitable part of a women’s life, osteoporosis can be avoided and prevented, by taking precaution, eating healthy and making changes in the lifestyle.

Have you heard of Menoeze?

A woman’s role has become challenging and we at Bagdara identify the multi-faceted role of the women of today. A special endeavour has been made to ensure that we provide the best of nature’s produce to the women of today and enhance her quality of life at every phase she encounters.

How does Menoeze help in Osteoporosis?

  • Our bone health is the most vital, but perhaps the least cared about part of our lifestyle. Menoeze with all its anti-inflammatory properties helps in alleviating pain, stiffness, which normally takes during osteoporosis.
  • Menoeze with its rich curcumin content largely affects the activity of osteoblasts, cells which aid in the formation of new bones, osteoclasts, cells that absorb old bones and chondrocytes, cells that make up the cartilage. Thus Menoeze has the super protective effect on the bones, thus it keeps away the harms of osteoporosis, influenced by the menopausal stage in the body.
  • With the virtue of the abundant anti-inflammatory properties, Menoeze has the potential to target and prevent the progression of the disease and is potentially therapeutic in the condition of osteoporosis.
  • Menoeze also combats the degradation of collagen in the patients suffering from osteoporosis; it normalizes the bone turnover and prevents the progression of osteoporosis.
  • Menoeze, with all the bio-active curcumin, brimming in the bottle inhibits osteoclastogenesis. The bone and mineral loss in this condition is controlled to a very high extent. Menoeze, therefore, can be a viable add-on therapy, which will only enhance the effect of estrogens in protecting against postmenopausal osteoporosis.
  • Menoeze can shield against mineral and bone loss in this condition, by exercising and implementing its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Menoeze can prevent proliferation, its ability to inhibit osteoporosis is said to be extremely beneficial in case of osteoporosis induced mineral loss or disease.
  • The ingestion and constant intake of Menoeze are said to help greatly, in the condition of bone fractures due to osteoporosis, post-menopause.
  • Menoeze’s anti-inflammatory effect is better than NSAIDs, as it has no side effect what so ever and is a safe and a natural option.
  • Menoeze also is great at boosting immunity which dips during this period and hence ensures that we women enjoy our every milestone in a healthy and a natural way.
  • Menoeze can stimulate bone formation by maximizing the formation of an enzyme that would help stimulate stem cells to develop into bone forming cells.
  • Menoeze does this great task of preventing osteoporosis naturally and along with prevents the risk of bone fractures, which otherwise is a common feature for those suffering from this gruelling condition.

So, if you are nearing this brand new milestone in your life, then do not delay and don’t waste time, ensure that you get your hands on this beauty, which promises you health and goodness of nature, without causing side effects and harm to the beautiful you.

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