Treat Ear Infection in dogs with Barkumin

Do you feel your dog has itchy, smelly ears or pain in them? Well, this is a rampant problem in dogs and we understand that as dog owners, it may get frustrating for you to get rid of these issues. Ear problems are the most common worries due to which dogs need to visit the vets.

Ear troubles can affect your dogs in different parts of the ear:

  • Infections in the external ear
  • Some inflammation and infection in the middle ear
  • Infection or inflammation in the inner ear

The infections in the external ear can be treated with the help of natural materials like curcumin inclusive Barkumin, the product from Bagdara Farms which is especially made for dogs and is completely natural and free from harmful chemicals.

The infections of the inner and middle ear are complicated and you may need help from your vet to treat them.

Symptoms of Ear Infections in Dogs

It is usually not very difficult to ascertain when your dog has some trouble in the ear. The infections in the ear can be very uncomfortable and these are the symptoms that are commonly seen in dogs:

  • Shaking their heads
  • Tilting their heads towards the side where infection is
  • Hot ears
  • Rubbing their ears
  • Scratching their ears
  • Watery or waxy discharge from the ears
  • Smell in the ears
  • Scabby or red skin around the ear flap

Causes of Ear Infections in Dogs:

  • Diet: Diet is a major factor for any infections and this is true for the ears too. Dogs may be allergic to some foods or intolerant to some foodstuffs and this may cause inflammation or infection in the ears.
  • Lifestyle: Dogs who swim may get some water in ears and that may lead to ear infections and troubles. Other dogs that remain too outdoors may contract some infection due to microbes in the atmosphere.
  • Body Make-up: Some dog species have long ear flaps and that is the reason they have a tendency for buildup of wax and discharge. Yeast and bacteria may grow in the dark and deep ear canal.
  • Allergies: Your dog may be allergic to some microbes and this may be the reason of infection in his ears.
  • Cleaning in Excess: You don’t need to clean your dog’s ears in excess. If they do look waxy occasionally, it is alright. Overdoing the cleaning can lead to irritation and in turn, more troubles.

Effective Treatment of Dog Ear Infections

Barkumin from Bagdara Farms will be an effective product to include in the diet of your pet pooches to ward off any such infections in the ear. It is helpful to treat infections in the ear in dogs since it has a plethora of amazing properties that can ward off ear troubles like:

  • Barkumin is anti-inflammatory: Most of the ear infections are associated with inflammation in the ears. Barkumin with its anti-inflammatory property can lessen the inflammation, thereby proving helpful in treatment of ear infections.
  • Antioxidant: Barkumin is an antioxidant and reduces the damage caused in the ears, if at all, due to oxidative stress.
  • Antiseptic: Barkumin with a high amount of curcumin is also antiseptic and helps to contain the ear infections.
  • Anti-fungal: Sometimes ear infections are caused by some fungal growth also. Barkumin, being anti-fungal helps to treat them.
  • Anti-bacterial: Bacteria are also a big factor that leads to ear infections. Barkumin with antibacterial properties is very effective against them as well.


Although Barkumin is a natural and organic product but it is always better to be doubly sure and safe. You must check if your dog is allergic to curcumin. There may be some symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea or improper bowel movement if the product is not suiting him. Keep a check for these indications.

Therefore, Barkumin is a very effective product to treat ear infections in dogs since it has the miraculous curcumin in high quantities in it. You will be able to see positive results in a short span of time and this will make the life of your dog more comfortable and easier too.

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